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Google Play Store improvements are on the way for large Android devices

If you have a Chromebook or Android tablet, it can be tricky to find applications that actually work well on large screens. Many apps and games, including some from Google itself, are primarily designed for phones and don’t scale well to large displays. Google announced a renewed focus on Android apps for large screens today, including the first developer release of Android 12L, and the company also shared changes coming to the Play Store for large devices.

One of the presentations from the Android Dev Summit, titled “What’s new for large screens and foldables in Android and ChromeOS,” briefly mentions changes coming to the Google Play Store. Google says ratings and reviews for large devices will now be separate from those of small devices — presumably, checking an app’s reviews on your tablet will now only show reviews from other people using it on a tablet/Chromebook/foldables. The video didn’t specify if you’ll still have a way to check reviews from other form factors, perhaps in a separate menu.

Secondly, the Play Store’s quality process is being updated to check apps for large screen layouts and improved import support, so they can be featured more prominently to people using large devices. That definitely sounds better than the Play Store’s current tablet check, which mostly just involves the app developer uploading a tablet-sized screenshot.

Google says it will go into detail about these changes in the first quarter of next year, before they are enabled sometime in 2022.

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