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Google Stadia users are now being refunded – Phandroid


Back in September earlier this year, Google announced that they would be shutting Stadia down. For those unfamiliar, Stadia is Google’s cloud gaming service where users could purchase games and stream them directly in their browser, allowing gamers to play all sorts of games even if their PCs didn’t meet the system requirements.

The good news is that if you bought games through Stadia or subscribed to the service, Google has since announced that they will be processing refunds. The process will take a couple of months and Google says that the majority of refunds should be processed towards the middle of January 2023.

“Starting November 9, 2022, Stadia will attempt to automatically process refunds for all purchases of games, add-on content and subscriptions fees other than Stadia Pro made through the Stadia Store. We ask for your patience as we work through each transaction and ask that you refrain from contacting Customer Support as they will not be able to expedite your refund during this time. We still expect the majority of refunds to be processed by January 18th, 2023.”

Keep in mind that not all purchases will be refunded. According to Google, Stadia Pro subscriptions made before the 29th of September, which is when they announced Stadia would be shutting down, will not be refunded. Also, those who bought the Power Support Claw will not be able to get a refund for that either.

Also, the good news is that for certain games, users will be able to transfer their data to other platforms, like games made by Ubisoft, Bungie, Rockstar, and so on, so you won’t lose all your saved data or progress.

Source: Google


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