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Google TV now lets you hide items from the “Continue Watching” section

While on the one hand, Google is rolling out features from the new Google TV interface to the older Android TV, on the other, the company is bringing one useful feature over from Android TV to Google TV. The feature in question will let you clear items from the “Continue Watching” carousel, something that Android TV has had for a while.

Reddit user u/Alfatango97 recently spotted this change (via 9to5Google) and shared the following image. As you can see, Google TV now has a new interface that lets you remove movies and TV shows from the “Continue Watching” carousel. You can simply long-press on a card with the center button on your remote to access this interface. While this action previously only presented an “Open” option, it now shows an additional “Hide” option. Tapping on the new “Hide” option removes the selected content from the “Continue Watching” carousel.

Google TV hide items from continue watchin

The new functionality should be available on the Google Chromecast with Google TV and other smart TVs with the new Google TV interface. At the moment, we can’t confirm if the change has already rolled out widely or not. We’ll update this post with more details as soon as we learn more.

The change comes just a day after Google announced three new features for the Android TV interface. These include a new watchlist option to help you add the content you wish to watch to a list, the ability to tune your recommendations, and immersive detail pages. You can learn more about these features by following this link.

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