Home Android News Google’s latest experiment consists of an ostrich playing the cello

Google’s latest experiment consists of an ostrich playing the cello

Google’s latest experiment consists of an ostrich playing the cello


Learn to play string instruments and explore your creativity with the help of Viola The Bird, the latest artificial intelligence from Google.

Google's latest experiment consists of an ostrich playing the cello
Meet Viola, the Google ostrich who wants to teach you how to play the cello.

Google Arts & Culture Lab is one of the most interesting and fun sections of Googlewith highly original projects that connect users with culture. The new creation of this section is called Viola the Bird and it is a ostrich that teaches you to play the cello. It’s basically a new artificial intelligence developed by Google that wants to introduce you to the world of string instruments and encourage you to explore your creativity in the most original way possible.

Behind this experiment are David Li and a team of expert cellists and violinists such as Dave Larkin and Elizabeth Goble. Together they have worked to create a machine learning model that understands cello compositions and that reproduces the exact sounds of the instrument depending on the way you control Viola the Bird. Your goal is clear: play the notes correctly so that the song sounds just like the original.

Viola the Bird, Google’s ostrich that plays the cello

Viola the Bird is the name of the new project from the Google Arts & Culture laboratory and, like the rest, it aims to encourage you to explore a more fun and innovative relationship with culture. The protagonist is an ostrich called Viola the Bird that you yourself will be in charge of managing while she plays the cello. You can do it in “freestryle” mode or in concert modewith classics like Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”.

Either from the mobile, from the tablet or from the computer, you will have to move Viola’s beak, because that’s where the bow is located. In “freestyle” mode you are totally free to play however you want, but in “concert” mode you must follow the notes that appear on the strings of the cello. The size of each element will tell you if the notes have a longer or shorter duration, in addition to having some arrows that indicate the place to which to move the bow.

Viola the Bird freestyle mode

Viola the Bird has a freestyle mode with which you can compose your own songs.

If you want to change the song, just touch on “Play another piece!”. In addition, you can see a demo to see how it is done correctly. On the other hand, if you want to save a memory for the future, you can record your concert with Viola the Bird playing on “Record your performance”. At first it will be difficult for you to follow the rhythm of the song, but you will master it in no timewe tell you taking into account our own experience.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert musician or just a beginner, this Google project ensures you will have a very entertaining time with the cello. Also, it can be a very fun game for the little ones of the house begin to interact with music and string instruments. In fact, with the “Freestyle” mode they can create your own songs with complete freedom.

Play Viola the Bird

Within Arts & Culture you can find special reports on cello and violin that will give you a lot of information about both instruments. Although it is not one of Google’s best-known projects, this art and culture laboratory is one of the most interesting. If you want to know projects similar to Viola the Bird, we recommend you discover other 13 Incredible Things You Can Do With Google Arts & Culture.



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