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Google’s new free mini-game teaches you how to write better prompts to generate images with AI

See What You See is a Google minigame designed to help you improve your prompts.

Google's new free minigame teaches you how to write better "indications" to generate images with AI
To generate exact images you must give correct prompts

Knowing how to give instructions to Artificial Intelligence will be a key task in the future. Google knows this and wants its users to learn how to do it. Thus has launched a minigame in which we must write exact “prompts” (orders). In this way we will improve our ability to write orders that the image-generating AI must follow.

This is how Say What You See works

Google’s minigame is called “Say What You See,” which translates to Spanish as “Say what you see.” It is a very descriptive title, since it consists of images are shown to us on one half of the screen and we, on the other half, describe them. With our description, Google will generate an image using AI that should be sufficiently similar to the sample.

The website will assess the similarity of the image generated with your prompt compared to the sample. In level 1 you will need an accuracy of at least 50%, in the second you will need one of 60%, in the third one of 70% and so on. The further you progress, the more difficult the challenge will be. You have 3 attempts for each level.

Unfortunately The minigame is not yet available in Spainalthough Google states that they are working on it arriving soon. Despite this, you can access it from this link. It will also be possible to play from Google’s Arts & Culture app, available for both Android as iPhone.

Google's new free minigame teaches you how to write better

It is not yet available in Spain

AI image creation is now a realityand it is increasingly used in more sectors. What started with fuzzy images in the first public versions of Dall-E has soon evolved into generators whose images are difficult to distinguish from the real ones.

On the other hand, to generate images that are faithful to what we want to create, we need good prompts. Prompts are the orders we give to AIs to undertake tasks. For example, when Chat-GPT 4 We ask you to write a text, the way to request it is the prompt. This may be more or less exact, but we must try to make it as much as possible so that it fits more adequately with what we are imagining. In the case of the minigame, the prompts would be the orders to generate images. Here is a guide on it written by OpenAIthe creators of Chat-GPT.

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