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Gosats World Cup Mania: Get Free Upto 10,000 Sats Daily [worth Rs.2000+]

Gosats Bitcoin World Cup Mania

Get Free Up to 10,000 Sats Daily from GoSats World Cup Mania

Hello guys, We continuesly giving World Cup Contests and offers to earn money & prizes. Today, It’s from GoSats app. The GoSats app introduces the Bitcoin World Cup Mania Cricket Trivia Contest, a contest that runs during the ICC World Cup 2023. Here’s all you need to know.

Every day, users are presented with three multiple-choice questions (MCQs) about cricket. The catch? You have 20 seconds to answer each question correctly. To qualify for a reward, you must answer at least two out of the three questions correctly.

Gosats World Cup Mania: Get Free Upto 10,000 Sats Daily [worth Rs.2000+]

Participating in this contest gives you a winning up to 10,000 sats (satoshis), a fraction of a Bitcoin. The winners are declared based on the number of correct answers given within the time limit, and all users who answer at least two questions correctly will receive the reward. If you win, your reward will be added to your GoSats Sats balance.

Additionally, the GoSats app offers other exciting promotions

  • 0.5% Extra Reward: Winners can claim a 0.5% extra reward, enabling them to make one transaction within the next 24 hours after winning the reward. This can boost your Bitcoin holdings and turn you into an “Elite” user with a 2% reward.
  • Rs.250 Discount: Some lucky winners will receive a coupon code entitling them to a Rs. 250 discount on the GoSats Elite Card purchase, providing a fantastic way to save on card costs.
  • Bitcoin World Cup Mania Weekly Purchase Streak: For loyal GoSats app and card users, there’s a Weekly Purchase Streak offer. Maintain a seven-day streak by either purchasing a voucher daily or using the GoSats Card for shopping above Rs.200 to receive 5000 Sats.

How to get Free Sats and Rewards from GoSats World Cup Contest?

1, First of all, Download the app from below.

GoSats App Download

2. Signup with your mobile number.

3. Enter the OTP and Referral Code: GSQZ9605

4. On the homepage, Go to ICC World Cup Mania.

5. Click on Quiz. Answer at least two correct answers.

6. Done, You are eligible to win Free Sats.

7. Also you can maintain the Streak of purchase and Win 5000 Sats.

8. Enjoy.

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