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Graduating Apple Vision Pro would be more expensive than buying brand name prescription glasses

Testing the future always costs a bit of money, and if Apple is involved… More!

Graduating Apple Vision Pro would be more expensive than buying brand name prescription glasses
Behold the Apple Vision Pro, the mixed reality glasses of the future.

Well, after many rumors, leaks and hypethe truth is Manzana finally presented as ‘One More Thing’ of your WWDC 2023 to the highly anticipated mixed reality glasses that he promised us a long time ago. We talk of course about some Apple Vision Pro that have raised emotions in the fanboys, memes in general and really want to try a future that, if we look at the Vision Pro prices in SpainIt’s going to be very expensive to test.

This is something usual when disruptive devices like this are presented, because having the best and latest technology is expensive. But it is that in addition here we have Apple involved making us expect the usual: the best in terms of experience and stratospheric prices.

But be careful here because as the friends of GSMArena Not only is it going to cost us a ton to buy the Apple Vision Pro, $3,500 for the wing, and it’s that Prescription your glasses will also be very expensive with prices that should fluctuate between 300 and 600 dollarsnothing less…

The truth is no surprise seeing that the Cupertino giant allows itself the luxury of charging us 25 euros for a cleaning cloth Or until 700 euros for wheels and feet for their Mac Pro computersalways with unthinkable profit margins for everyone else.

At least we know that Prescription lenses for Apple’s Vision Pro will be from ZEISSso its quality will be beyond any doubt, and we also know that obviously no one is going to skip buying these lenses that are necessary for its correct use if we have vision problems, especially since we will first have invested a whopping $3,500 (in Europe it will be more) in these mixed reality glasses.

The hope is that ZEISS has already made lenses for other VR glasses and headsets at prices that fluctuate around 100 euro, so perhaps these rumors are unfounded. We don’t think so, on the other hand. Everything around the Apple Vision Pro is going to be expensive. Or so it seems.

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