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great quality for a groundbreaking price

For much less than 100 euros you can buy comfortable Bluetooth headphones with great sound quality when listening to music, playing games or watching a movie.

These unknown Sony headphones are the ones we recommend: great quality for a groundbreaking price
The design of these Sony headphones is one of their strong points for beauty and comfort.

When we think of the best wireless headphones from sonyIt is normal to remember models like the Sony WF-1000XM5 or the Sony WH-1000XM5. The high price of these Sony headphones may put you off, so we want recommend another model which also offers you very good quality for a much cheaper price. We refer to the Sony WF-C700N, Bluetooth headphones that we have analyzed and that seem remarkable to us.

In the analysis we discovered that they have a lightweight design and very comfortablea great sound qualityeffective noise cancellation and even 20 hours of battery total. There is another reason why we recommend these Sony WF-C700N, and that is that they have a price that plummets in a big way. They originally cost 129.99 euros, but the normal thing is that you can buy them for about 75 on Amazon. That way, you can save up to 40% of its price.

We have analyzed the market to discover that the Sony WF-C700N are usually also on sale in stores as Media Markt and PC componentswhile in others like The English Court They usually remain at their original price. Therefore, you can enjoy Sony audio quality when listening to music, watching a video or playing games for a price cheaper than you imagined.

Sony WF-C700N

Sony WF-C700N, very complete headphones with a great discount

As we have tested these Sony WF-C700N for a few weeks, we can explain why their purchase is so worth it if you are looking for headphones with a great relationship between quality and price. First of all, because you can use them for hours and hours thanks to its very comfortable design. These headphones surprise with their compact size and very light weightEach earbud weighs only 4.6 grams. This makes them very pleasant to use, you won’t even notice them on your ears. Additionally, its charging case is also compact.

The main asset of these Sony WF-C700N is that they sound very good. They have 5 millimeter dynamic drivers that provide a fantastic audio experience. The bass is powerful, without saturating, while the rest of the frequencies are very well cared for. This makes headphones a very good option for listen to music, to watch series and moviesto play or listen to audios WhatsAppFor example.

Of course, using these wireless headphones you will also love the active noise cancellation. When you activate it, the noise around you disappears completely and you can listen to the audio without distractions. In case you do want to hear the sound around you, you can enable the transparency mode.

The Sony WF-C700N are a good option for listening to music or podcasts while doing sports, as they have resistance to water drops and sweat. Furthermore, the fact that they can connect to 2 devices at once It also makes them useful for working and studying. That means you can have them connected to your computer to listen to music and your mobile phone to answer calls.

Sony WF-C700N

Finally, you will get wireless headphones with good autonomy. With noise cancellation, the battery lasts 7.5 hours straight and 15 hours with the help of the charging case. If you prefer not to use cancellation, the autonomy will be even greater, even reaching 20 hours with the case. As you can see, you can use them intensely throughout the day without fear of running out of battery.

Its great quality and price make these Sony WF-C700N one of the best cheap wireless headphones on the market. That is why we recommend them to you, especially considering that They usually have around 40% off. They usually have the best price on Amazon, where they even go down to 75 euros.

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