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Green Lantern series for HBO Max is still in development

Yes, a series about Green Lanterns still in development, despite rumors to the contrary – this is the producer’s most expensive project CW Greg Berlanti, so the authors are in no hurry to ensure that the quality of the show’s effects is up to par. But the premiere, it seems, should not be expected before 2024.

The plot, as it was known earlier, will unfold in several eras at once and will tell about different members of the Lantern Corps – in particular, about Guy Gardner (Finn Wittrock) Alan Scott (Jeremy Irwin) and others. The director is responsible for staging the first episodes “Superman and Lois”.

  • Fourth season “Harley Quinn”most likely, will also see the light;
  • The same applies to the fourth seasons. “Doom Patrol” and “Titans”and also the third season “Pennyworth”;
  • Second season “Peacemaker” James Gunn okay, and the author works on multiple projects at once DC;
  • The studio is not going to change the premiere date yet “Flash”but is considering all options due to scandals Ezra Miller.

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