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GTvMI: “Our prediction was wrong!” – Hardik blames the failure

GTvMI: “Our prediction was wrong!”  – Hardik blames the failure


The match between Gujarat and Mumbai was played at the Narendra Modi Stadium. In the end, the Gujarat team won the match by 6 runs.

Mumbai team lost in the first match that Hardik started as the captain of the Mumbai team. “Our prediction was wrong.” Captain Hardik Pandya has given the reason for the defeat.


Target 169 for Mumbai team. The team was playing well. Mumbai needed just 43 runs in the last 5 overs to win. Had 7 wickets in hand. Mumbai team finished the match which should have been easily won. Umesh Yadav had bowled that over when 19 runs were needed in the last over. Hardik, who hit a six and a four in the first two balls, was dismissed in the next ball. Along with that, the Mumbai team also lost their confidence. Defeated.

Speaking after the defeat, captain Hardik Pandya said, ‘I thought we could finish the match successfully in those last 5 overs. But we managed to score fewer runs in the last 5 overs than we had predicted. Our prediction was wrong. You ask about Tilak Verma avoiding taking a single. He might have thought that was the right thing to do in the circumstances. I have faith in him. I stand by him. There are 13 matches left. See you in them.


Glad to be back at the Gujarat stadium. Here you can fully feel the excitement of the fans.’ He told me.

Mumbai started their first match in as many seasons with a loss. So this is not a big deal. Mumbai fans are joking on social media saying that if we lose the first match, we will be lucky.

Comment what you think is the reason for Mumbai’s defeat!



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