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Guys who took a lot of risk in the desire to see Vijay!.. In the end it was Pimflika Philapi!..

The footage of actor Vijay, who is shooting for Code in Pondicherry, has gone viral on the internet for two consecutive days when he boarded a caravan and waved at his fans.

Actor Vijay has become a slim young Vijay without a moustache, all the Vijay fans from Chennai have invaded Pondicherry to see him.

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On the 3rd day, Vijay would finish shooting at 5 pm and come back to meet him, so the local friends and Chennai friends waited even last evening to see Vijay.

But, in the end, actor Vijay never came to meet his friends yesterday. So there are reports that the fans are very angry and have left.

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Volunteers opined that Vijay should be instructed not to take too much risk to see Vijay and not to get caught in the crowd and climb on roofs and trees to see Vijay. They are informing.

They warn that if anyone breaks an arm or a leg while visiting Vijay, the blame will fall on him.

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