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H.Vinoth is going to accomplish what Ajith did not do with Dhanush!..


The success of Thadhavu has lifted H. Vinod’s pride. Like Vikram for Lokesh, Thadvu is a success for H.Vinoth. With this, H. Vinod has taken a stable place in Tamil cinema.

H. Vinod is very good at portraying the injustices of the respective period in a proper manner. In his film Chaturangavedaya, he had clearly shown the problems happening in the society like Emu chicken issue and Iridium issue.


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Similarly, in the film Thadvu, he clearly stated the need to be aware of the extent to which people are affected by insurance, credit cards etc. In this situation, H.Vinoth is giving an update on his next film through a recent interview.

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He is going to direct a film with Yogi Babu next. After that, he himself said in an interview that he wants to marry Dhanush. That too, he is going to make a film with Dhanush by taking a small essence from the story of Chaturangavettai.



Vinod did not want Ajith to tell this story to Ajith already, Ajith chose a brave story saying that it will turn out to be Nan Panna Tapa. It has been reported that Dhanush is going to do the story that Ajith said no to.

It’s definitely how women are corrupted by the internet or maybe it’s a different story. Dhanush is the right person for that, journalist Seyyar Balu said in his interview.

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