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Hagyó Kft. from Miskolc can develop rare technology.

In the investment, based on Industry 4.0, a modern equipment with a new design will also be developed.

Hagyó Kft. from Miskolc, which deals with the design, manufacture and construction of winemaking, brandy-making and fruit processing equipment, can develop distillate-making technology with more than HUF 360 million. -creating a family.

In the call for tenders entitled Encouraging corporate research, development and innovation activities, an innovative development is realized in which a complex distillate treatment technology is developed. As they wrote, in the case of its industrial application, “the production of high-quality distillates, which are the most appropriate for the market, quality distillates that are controlled and consciously influenced”, shortens their resting and maturation time.

In the investment, based on Industry 4.0, a new design, modern distillation equipment suitable for the regulated use of inert gases, as well as a distillate detection and monitoring equipment will be developed, it was announced.

For the project, Hagyó Kft. won HUF 225.41 million in conditionally non-refundable European Union support with the tender entitled “Development of the prototype and components of the innovative pálinka and distillate-making technological system”, which is implemented in the Széchenyi Terv Plusz program.

According to publicly available company data, the company’s net sales in the most recent business year were HUF 629.2 million, and a year earlier it was HUF 674.4 million. Its taxable profit amounted to HUF 6.5 million in 2022, and HUF 13.2 million in 2021.

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