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Half a million square meters of railway transshipment area is being built in Hungary

More of the existing facilities are also being expanded.

Half a million square meters of railway transshipment area is being built in Hungary to serve industrial plants and goods transport – announced the Association of Hungarian Logistics Service Centers (MLSZKSZ). According to the association’s professional estimate, this requires an investment of HUF 80-100 billion from the developers.

The expansion of the railway terminals already started last year with the completion of the East-West Gate in Lunsklitke. Four more will be handed over in 2024 and 2025, and negotiations are underway to build more.

Next year, the PSP Terminal can start operating in Szeged, in the area of ​​the former transshipment in Kiskundorozsma, which can primarily receive traffic from the Southern Great Plain, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria. The 48,000 square meters of the terminal, which was built with the private investment of Petrolsped Szállitmányozasi Kft. with half a billion forints, will be able to load craneable and non-craneable semi-trailers and containers onto the railway.

After that, the Debrecen Terminal next to the BMW factory will be handed over, which will mainly be used by car manufacturers and their suppliers. In the 110,000 square meter area, they will be able to load containers and trailers with a gantry crane and mobile loaders. The additional equipment required to operate the terminal costs HUF 17.2 billion.

In 2025, the Zalaegerszeg Terminal, built at the junction of the planned route of the M76 motorway and the main railway line, and the Szeged Terminal, which is built in the industrial and logistics center of the county seat of Csongrád, both in the investment of METRANS.

More of the existing facilities are also being expanded. Europe’s largest land-based intermodal terminal, the East-West Gate, opened last year in Fényeslitké, is being developed because of the high demand for transshipment of bulk goods due to the war in Ukraine. In Budapest, the 220,000 square meter site of Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK Zrt. is expanding with new container loading machines, and energy efficiency investments worth about HUF 250 million are also being implemented.

The METRANS BUCS Terminal got a solar park, and the fourth crane was built this year. The 143,500 square meter terminal has connections to all important European ports.

The MAHART Container Center Terminal will be developed for the first half of 2025 with HUF 5.8 billion: in addition to the current 110,000 square meters, almost twenty thousand square meters of new area will be built, approximately fifteen thousand square meters will be renovated, a second overhead crane will be purchased, and railway tracks will also be built and renovated.
ZÁHONY-PORT Zrt., owned by MÁV, develops the loading and storage capacity, the processing technology of chemical materials, and develops weighing and measuring facilities.

At the Sopron Terminal, the owner GYSEV Cargo is also planning modernization and expansion, which already renovated the technology in two phases in the 2010s in the 40,500 square meter area.

According to the announcement, the construction of transloaders is justified by the fact that rail transport has been valued in terms of sustainability, and thanks to this, the EU supports rail developments. At the same time, the situation of road transport is made more difficult by the lack of drivers and rising environmental protection fees – they indicated.

In its announcement, the MLSZKSZH points out: if Hungary wants to meet its climate goals, 50,000 to 100,000 truckloads of traffic will have to be diverted from public roads to intermodal transport every year.

The Association of Hungarian Logistics Service Centers (MLSZKSZ) is the dominant organization of the Hungarian logistics and transport industry, which unites nearly 90 percent of Hungarian logistics service centers. There are currently 89 members, and the volume of the national economy they represent is close to HUF 1,000 billion based on sales.

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