Halo Infinite Theme Comes To Waze

Halo Infinite Theme Comes To Waze

Have you ever wanted your navigation experience to be more fun? If you have, then Waze has something very interesting in store for you. According to a blog post from Xbox Wired, the company has partnered with Microsoft to bring a new Halo Infinite theme to the platform.

The Halo Infinite theme brings a visual overhaul to Waze

When you activate this new theme, you will be greeted with some new visuals in the UI. For starters, you will be able to choose whether you want your car icon to be from the UNSC or from the Banished.

For people who choose the UNSC side, your car icon will be a Warthog with navigation voiced by Master Chief. If you want to side with the Banished, then your car icon will be a Ghost with Escharum as your voice. Either way you slice it, you will be getting voice performances by the actual voice actors.

Activating this theme is simple. If you have the Waze app already installed, just go to the “My Waze” section. There, you should see a Halo Infinite banner. Tap on that to activate the theme. This theme is available now in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

What is Halo Infinite?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Halo is the Xbox exclusive sci-fi FPS franchise that’s been a favorite among fans for about 20 years. The latest entry in the franchise is Halo Infinite.

The story again revolves around the series protagonist, Master Chief. Based on the trailer, it looks like he was uncovered after being frozen and left out in space. He’s eventually unfrozen and able to pick up where he left off. During the trailer, he’s being egged on by the leader of the Banished, Escharum.

It’s no mystery that the main focus of the game is to find this leader and take him down, kicking some major butt along the way.  Some people know a lot more than they should, as Microsoft accidentally leaked some of the campaign missions to the public recently.

When is this game going to drop?

As for the release date, Halo games are typically released in the fall time. Games are either released in September or November. Microsoft, unfortunately, hasn’t given us a release date just yet. We’re not sure if we can expect anything of a normal launch, as the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic are still being felt.

In any case, the Halo Infinite Waze theme is available to enable now. If you’re impatient about picking up the game, then this should tide you over until then.

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