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Has Messenger stopped working? No problem, use these instead! – PCW

Has Messenger stopped working?  No problem, use these instead!  – PCW


Currently, all of Meta’s systems, including Messenger, are unavailable worldwide, but luckily there are alternatives.

Currently all over the world all major Meta systems are down, the Facebook, Instagram and Messenger messaging services are also unavailable. Perhaps the latter is the biggest obstacle for most people, many people use this application only and exclusively for sending messages both in a computer browser and on a mobile phone.

Here, too, the editorial conversations take place mainly on Messenger, but fortunately there are a number of alternative solutions that can be used to get through the time until Meta’s specialists restore order – for that anyway at the last major shutdown in 2021 they needed more hours.


Although most people use Skype to make video calls, it is actually quite suitable for text chats as well. It can also be run via a web interface, PC and mobile phone application. By the way, you can even combine the Skype system with classic phone calls, but most people probably don’t need that right now, just to send a few simple messages.



Viber can also be a great solution, which can be downloaded to computers and phones and is also excellent for sending messages, among other things. It is especially worth noting at this point that both the PCWall of our partner sites, the GS has its own Viber page, where we share the most important current news every day. If you’ve already been on Viber, it might be worth checking out.



Many people also liked Telegram’s system because of the end-to-end encryption introduced at a very early age. You must register on a mobile phone (by entering your phone number), after that the service can only be accessed in a browser by scanning the QR code displayed on the web interface with your phone’s camera.



The situation of WhatsApp is interesting, since Facebook acquired this service in 2014, but at the same time they did not integrate it organically into their own systems, so we experienced that WhatsApp itself is currently accessible and usable without any problems, despite the fact that the entire Meta-repertoire is it’s on the floor. We can register by entering our phone number, and the application immediately loads our contact list stored on our mobile, so we can quickly find our friends.



Among gamers, Discord is a staple on PCs and mobiles, where larger communities usually chat together on dedicated servers, but it is also possible to chat one-on-one with someone if you know their user ID. Discord can be run from a browser, but you can also download the desktop and phone applications.


+1: SMS

Plus, it is the most obvious solution that has been added to our list as a single competitor. Today, people really hardly use classic SMS anymore, since almost everyone has mobile internet, so it is much easier (and practically free) to message online than to write SMS. On the other hand, if Facebook and Messenger are unavailable, this may be the easiest way, since you don’t need to download any new applications and you don’t need to register.



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