EntertainmentHe is the reason why Thadhavu film has reached...

He is the reason why Thadhavu film has reached this level… you will be shocked if you know who it is!!



Ajith starrer “Thunivu” released in theaters on 11th and is receiving good response from fans. The film received somewhat mixed reviews on its release.



But as the scenes go by, the film has attracted a wide audience. Especially the action scenes in this film have attracted the audience.

Director H. Vinod has made the story of this film based on money. How banks cheat customers and why man is so obsessed with money? H. Vinod had highlighted such things very clearly in this film.

In this situation, it is said that a famous economist gave H. Vinod many information about the money featured in the film.

Anand Srinivasan

Anand Srinivasan

That is, Anand Srinivasan, who is very popular on social media, has shared many information about money with H. Vinod. H. Vinod used many of the information he said in the movie “Thunivu”.

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Money Pechu

Money Pechu

After the release of the movie “Thunivu”, director H. Vinod has shared many things about the movie “Thunivu” on Anand Srinivasan’s “Money Pechu” YouTube channel.


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