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He is the strength of my side! The man who can fit all the characters – that actor Lokesh said?

Lokesh kanagaraj: Director Lokesh who is crawling with a great status in Tamil cinema. Lokesh’s habit is to create some kind of hype in every film.

But Lokesh, who has done 5 films so far, has mainly shown anti-social activities such as drugs, murder and robbery in the film.

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Even mentioning this, some journalists asked him when he is going to give films with good reviews to people. In this situation, Lokesh, who has given an interview to many channels, has also shared many interesting information.

In that way, in his 9-year film career, Lokesh, who has done a total of 5 films including Leo, has said in an interview about the person who was the most important strength.

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He is none other. Actor Arun Alexander played the character of a policeman who gives clues to the opponents from behind the truck in the movie Gaathi. He is not now. died

Speaking about him, Lokesh said, ‘I can write only a few characters for all the characters. Everything can be thought of with them. In these 9 years I would have written a total of 5.6 stories beyond 4 films. ‘

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‘If I keep looking at only one person for all the characters in those stories, Arun Alexander is the person who fits it perfectly. Be it a villain, a comedy or any character, he is Chet.’

‘I would have written stories for many of his characters. He has traveled with me from the city to Master and Prisoner. I used to call him Anna, but now he is gone,’ said Arun about Alexander.

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