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Here are the photos of Vani Bojan-Kalakkal holding a photoshoot in a modern outfit ..!

Actress Vani Bojan is the dream girl of the youth. She is actually 33. She worked as a flight attendant before coming to the film industry.

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Then she fell in love with the person who worked with him and got married. After that he became interested in modeling and started modeling.

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She has since starred as the heroine in the serial Goddesses aired on Sandivi and has acted in several serials.

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Following this, he also acted as a judge on shows such as Sattal Sutties and Kings of Comedy Jr. Thus the icon was also called Nayanthara.

He got a chance in cinema and made his debut in the Tamil film O My God. I have to say that this film gave him a good name.

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After this, opportunities started coming to her layer by layer. In this situation, she often conducts photoshoots. She is currently conducting a photoshoot in modern attire. It is going viral among the fans.



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