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Here’s how Apple ships Vision Pro replacement units to customers

Here’s how Apple ships Vision Pro replacement units to customers


Apple Vision Pro arrived in stores and in the hands of customers almost a month ago, and we’ve already seen that Apple’s mixed reality headset is quite fragile and can easily break if you’re not careful enough. And yes, paying for a repair isn’t cheap, even with AppleCare+. But how does Apple replace a broken Vision Pro? This video shows exactly how.

Replacing a broken Apple Vision Pro

The owner of the YouTube channel Practical Matters recently shared his story about how he broke his Vision Pro after accidentally dropping it on the floor. The front glass was completely destroyed, so it was no longer possible to use the device. Luckily for him, his Vision Pro was protected by AppleCare+ coverage.

Apple support gave him the option of sending the damaged Vision Pro unit in for repair, which would take a long time, or receiving a replacement unit at home as soon as it became available. And that was the owner’s choice.

In a new video, the user shows how exactly Apple ships the Vision Pro replacement unit. The device comes in a simple cardboard box with a QR Code on top, which leads to an Apple Support webpage on how to disassemble and reassemble the headset. This is because the replacement unit doesn’t come with the speakers and other accessories.

Interestingly, Apple sends the replacement unit before it even receives the damaged unit from the customer, who has 10 days to send it to Apple. You can watch the full video below:

Paid repairs are quite expensive

If you damage your Apple Vision Pro, replacing it will be quite expensive. Apple charges $799 to repair the front glass or $2,399 to replace the entire headset. Customers with an AppleCare+ plan will pay $299 for the repair in addition to the $499 one-time fee for accidental damage.

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