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Here’s why Apollo and other third-party Reddit apps will stop working this month

Just like Elon Musk did on Twitter, Reddit will charge developers to use its API starting July 1, which will make virtually all of the microblogging platform’s third-party clients disappear.

Here's why Apollo and other third-party Reddit apps will stop working this month
rif is fun for Reddit is one of the unofficial Reddit clients that will close its doors at the end of June

One of the most reliable ways to be aware of what is happening in the world and, above all, in the technological field is to use Reddit, a popular news aggregator with a strong social dimensionsince anyone can share a piece of news and comment on it with the rest of the users of the platform.

These are turbulent times for Reddit, as some of Reddit’s top third-party apps have just announced that they will stop working later this month. due to a unilateral decision taken by those responsible for the service.

Next, we reveal you because Apollo and other alternative Reddit clients will be gone in a matter of weeks.

Reddit API changes will doom Android’s best third-party clients like RIF and Sync

As explained to us in 9to5Googlejust as Twitter did at the time under the direction of Elon Musk, Reddit will begin to apply some changes to its APIs on July 1 that will imply charging quite a large amount to the developers of their third-party applicationsboth those of iOS and those of Android.

This has caused both the most popular third-party Reddit app on iOS, Apollo, and two of The best Reddit clients for AndroidRIF (rif is fun) and Sync will stop operating on June 30 due to the 20 million dollars that they would have to pay each year to be able to continue using the Reddit API.

But the monetization of the Reddit API is not the only change that will be introduced at the beginning of July, since in addition to third-party clients of Reddit They will not be able to show ads or explicit content (NSFW).

This has caused the moderators of the Android subreddit, one of the most popular communities on Reddit, to have announced what is this it will be turned off for 4 hours from next June 12 as a protest measure against the new API policies adopted by Reddit.


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