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Hiking and Biking Over the Weekend – BionicOldGuy

My Friends Nancy and Joseph came down on Saturday to hike at this end of the County, so I took them up to the Mendoza ranch entrance of Harvey Bear County park. We had a nice hike circumnavigating Mummy Mountain, about 4 miles.

Pretty View of Coyote lake from near the summit of Mummy Mountain

On Sunday I went for a hard two and a half hour ride on my recumbent. The first hour and a half was a brisk tempo ride keeping my heart rate about 120. Then I did a bunch of intervals of various lengths, followed by a cooldown. I felt great at the end, although a little sore the next day. But an easier recovery ride on Monday made me feel a lot better.

Pretty Early Morning sky on Monday. I was trying to capture the partial eclipse of the Sun, but it doesn’t show up because of the glare.
Nice Rural view from the Coyote Creek Trail

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