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Hmm.. What did you do!.. It’s difficult!. Rajinikanth’s fans were shocked by the blue shirt!

Rajinikanth and Vijay fans have never stopped fighting even after actor Vijay entered politics. At the same time that many people are appreciating the fact that actor Vijay has announced that he is going to join politics at this age, regardless of success or failure, many posts criticizing and roasting actor Rajinikanth are filling the social media.

For the past 25 years, Rajinikanth has also been active in politics. The anticipation of when he is going to start the party is always there with every release of the film. Muthu movie will feature the song lyrics “Katsi ellma ippo nadhu tedu.

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Before the scene of the song “Oho oho kiku edrude” in Badayappa movie, there is a line saying that you are the only one who is successful in everything and the political side has to come.

Needless to say about Baba movie. They will have completed the climax of the film to the range of whether they are going to become a sannyasi or sit on the CM chair.

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The films Kabali and Kaala directed by Pa Ranjith were also the steps to enter politics. But then suddenly he said if not now then never. Actor Rajinikanth has finally put an end to his political drama, not now, not ever, and Vijay fans are buzzing. In this case, Blue Shirt Maran on his Twitter page MS. By posting Bhaskar’s photo, Rajini fans are worried about the situation.

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