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How do you get into such a predicament? The celebrity who revealed the secret about Ajith

Actor Ajith: Actor Ajith is a leading actor in Tamil cinema. Currently, Ajith is busy shooting for the movie Vidathila. Although Ajith says he has his own work, the problem does not leave him alone.

Everyone knows that Ajith usually does not go to any public functions or places. Ajith, who did not come to Vijayakanth’s death, did not pay his respects even at his memorial. All the other actors in foreign countries are paying tribute one after another.

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But Ajith has not come yet. No obituary was published. Film journalist V.K. Sundar shared many things. Journalist VK Sunder said that immediately after Vijayakanth’s death, Ajith sent a text message to Vijayakanth’s son Sutheesh and told him to convey it to Premalatha as well.

Apart from that, the journalist said that Ajith visited Vivek’s body the same night and visited his house the day after SBB’s death. He also said that the shooting was the reason why the captain did not pay tribute to the body.

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Because it’s hard in Azerbaijan. They are forced to shoot for almost 14 hours a day. Ajith is unable to move anywhere because he can release the film on the said date only if he does so. Maybe if he comes there will be a gap of three days. The journalist said that he did not come because it would disturb the other actors who are acting in the movie Vidadhava.

And condolence is a matter for Ajith and the family concerned. Ajith doesn’t always like publicity. That’s why he didn’t issue a condolence statement through social media, the journalist said.

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