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How does Gloster and its new major shareholder, EU-Solar, work?

Opportunities for cooperation are being explored.

EU-Solar Nyrt. carried out its first stock market operation this year, with which it bought a share in Gloster Infokommunikációs Nyrt, which is also on Xten. The transaction is not just a financial operation, but the first step in the mapping of potential cooperation opportunities, announced Viktor Szekeres, founder and chairman of the board of Gloster, and András Petre, co-founder and head of EU-Solar.

As previously announced by the investment-oriented IT specialist of the Budapest Stock Exchange, Gloster Infokommunikációs Nyrt., the asset management foundation linked to Viktor Szekeres, as the company’s main shareholder, carried out a share transaction at the end of January, the buy-side participant of which was EU Solar Nyrt, which is also present on the Xtend market. .was. EU-Solar Nyrt. is Hungary’s market leader in the field of solar systems, with a market share of more than 20%, a workforce of close to 100 people and sales revenue exceeding HUF 10 billion.

The economic performance of the past years made it possible for EU-Solar Nyrt. to operate as an open joint-stock company in accordance with stock exchange regulations from 2022 and to become active in the field of financial market operations. The company has expanded its activities to several related areas, such as smart networks and e-mobility. In the meantime, the strategic goal of providing high-quality complex services to its customers remained unchanged. Part of the complex service capability is that EU-Solar also provides an extraordinary customer experience in the field of IT for all its partners. Therefore, he is looking for forms of cooperation in which he can realize his goals in cooperation with like-minded companies that share the listed values.

“In the field of IT services, Gloster provides the professional competence, creative way of thinking, and outstanding quality solutions that both we and our customers can identify with. The current transaction is the first step in a process of trust, during which we will examine what the operational level will be like in the future there can be synergies between the activities of the two companies,” András Petre said.

In May 2020, Gloster entered the medium-sized enterprise market of BÉT, Xtendre, and has been actively participating in the life of the exchange since then. He not only follows the events, but also tries to shape the community of which he is a member. Gloster’s management welcomes private and institutional investors as well as capital-strong companies from fundamentally different fields. This indicates a kind of medium-sized company trust, and this trust relationship is not only for the Gloster Group’s economic performance, but also feedback for the management that it is moving in the right direction with its stock market activities.

“Our belief is that much greater trust, mutual support, and many more similar cooperation opportunities are needed in the domestic ecosystem, in fact, the medium-sized enterprise market of BÉT was created for this purpose,” added Viktor Szekeres.

The transaction itself was a classic share purchase process in which the Viktor Szekeres Asset Management Foundation took part, and Viktor Szekeres, as a senior official, provided information on this at the closing of the share transaction. After the transaction, the two managements try to identify the areas where the business operations of the two companies can complement each other, thereby creating value for the domestic economic ecosystem.

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