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How Mobile Gaming Is Overtaking Console And PC Gaming – And What Can Be Done About It

If you have been online in any capacity over the course of the last five years, you will have noticed the mass proliferation of advertisements for mobile games. If you are not yourself a mobile gamer, you may not have realized just how popular these games have become.

Mobile gaming has grown significantly in the video game industry and now is set to overtake PC and console gaming in popularity and revenue. As mobile gaming becomes increasingly popular, it looks as though PC and console gaming will struggle to keep up and maintain market share. However, it is possible that these other segments of the gaming industry could innovate in order to make themselves more attractive to mobile gaming users.

Convenience and prices

It should hardly come as a surprise that convenience is one of the major reasons why mobile gaming is so popular. Another one of the major reasons is the cost involved. Consoles such as the new PS5 tend to be very expensive, and even PC games and gaming equipment can cost a pretty penny. Many mobile games on the other hand are very inexpensive or are free to play.

PC and console game developers have realized that cost is a major barrier for many consumers and there is now a trend towards rethinking how games are monetized. More and more, big, well-made PC games are free to play and instead are monetized through the use of either advertisements or in-game purchases. Other gaming platforms are also trying out subscription-based models in order to see whether or not they are able to interest gamers who want to play, but cannot afford to constantly buy the newest, best games.

Increased novelty

Another aspect of mobile gaming that has allowed it to dominate the market is the fact that it allows for increased novelty. Unlike many PC and console games, mobile games oftentimes have fairly low production values and are not nearly as expensive to produce. As a result, there are thousands more mobile games than PC or console games.

One segment of the online gaming industry which has capitalized on consumer’s interest in novelty is the online casino industry. The online gambling industry is so competitive that now many casinos offer extensive libraries featuring hundreds of different games for gamblers to choose from. The huge number of different types of games and game titles means that every gambler can find the games that he or she is most interested in. Whether they want to play poker, play live dealer blackjack or try out the jackpot winner slot games, there are always a wide range of different games for them to choose from.

While PC and console games may never be produced as cheaply, quickly or easily as mobile games, it is possible that developers could increase the novelty aspect for their games. Games like Red Dead Redemption are becoming increasingly popular because they allow for many different experiences, actions and storylines. This creates a sense of freedom, adventure and novelty which offers similar appeal to mobile gaming.

Looking ahead in the gaming industry

One of the major factors which PC and console gaming will always be able to rely on is the fact that mobile gaming is limited by a number of factors. By its very definition, mobile gaming is contained to mobile devices. While mobile phones are becoming increasingly innovative and technologically advanced, there are still limits to what they can do.

Video games designed for PC and console applications have the advantage of increased processing weight, power and better resolution and graphics. On top of that, new consoles are able to innovate with each generation in ways that mobile technology just simply cannot.

One of the upcoming trends in video gaming technology that will likely boost PC and console gaming over mobile is Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). AR and VR can be used on mobile technology and there are a number of small headsets designed specifically for mobile phones.

However, as AR and VR technology becomes better and the graphics, audio and movement of the technology become more advanced, mobile technology will not be able to provide as impressive an experience as a console or PC gaming system will be able to. Looking ahead to the future, it is possible that the AR and VR segment of the video game industry may be one area in which mobile gaming falls behind in a significant way.

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