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How much do you want to celebrate the film Vali.. Simran should do my role.. The actress who gave shock..

Vaali: Actor Ajith Kumar’s movie Vaali made him a big name. He will play dual roles in the film. Now an actress has said that the role came to her as actress Simran acted opposite her.

Wally is a film directed by SJ Surya. Simran and Jyotika were two heroines in the film. Deva composed the music for the film. Ajith asked Suriya to assist Vasant while shooting for Aasi and Ajith agreed.

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After that, Suriya completed the script of Wally in 60 days. Ajith played a double role for the first time. Keerthy Reddy was the first to act in the film. He has acted in some films in Hindi and in Tamil films including Jolly and Devathai. But he suddenly quit before the shoot started.

Following this, the film crew could not give a call to Meena. It was only later that Simran took up the role. But in a recent interview Jyothika must have played the role of Simran. I couldn’t do it because I acted in Hindi. He said that’s why I did a small guest role.

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In this case, Vali is the biggest movie that actress Ramba has missed. I should have played the role of Simran in it. He has now said that he missed the opportunity by not getting set after the test shoot. As if all the other actresses are saying the same thing, SJ Suriya is the only one who shines.

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