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How much warranty does the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 come with?

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is Samsung’s best foldable yet. Building upon the already great Galax Z Fold 3, this model comes with a more compact hinge, a wider cover display, and a more durable inner display, among other improvements. But being a foldable phone also means this isn’t a cheap device, starting at a whopping $1,799.99. With an investment like that, you’re going to want to make sure it lasts. As such, you may be wondering how good the warranty is on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, and it’s about what you’d expect.

By default, you’re going to get a standard warranty service, which means it’s pretty much the minimum mandated by law. In the United States, that means you get a one-year limited warranty, so you can get your phone repaired if it breaks, as long as it doesn’t break due to external factors and misuse. Dropping the phone, spilling liquids on it, or otherwise purposefully damaging it are obviously not covered by the warranty. In some countries, including a few in Europe, the minimum mandated warranty is two years, so that’s how much you can expect by default.

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But like we said, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a very big investment, and foldable phones are still known for being significantly more fragile than traditional slab phones. If you want additional peace of mind, Samsung offers Samsung Care Plus. This service costs $11 per month, and it extends the warranty up to three years if you choose to pay monthly. You can also pay upfront for two years of coverage.

In addition to extending the standard warranty coverage for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung Care Plus includes access to repairs for accidental damage such as drops and spills. You’ll still have to pay some money, but it will be much cheaper to get a replacement or repair if you happen to crack your screen or otherwise break your phone. There’s also Samsung Care+ with Theft and Loss, which costs $17.99 per month, and lets you get a replacement device if yours gets stolen or lost.

If you’re interested in buying the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, you can use the link below to buy it along with Samsung Care Plus if you want it. Alternatively, check out the best deals you can get on it to try and save some money, as some deals might include Samsung Care Plus. In case you buy it and you don’t want to rely on Samsung Care+, you might want to check out the best cases for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, too. And because there’s no power adapter in he box, it may also be a good idea to check out the best chargers you can buy for the phone.

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is Samsung’s best foldable yet, with a morecmopact hinge and a more durable main display.

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