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How next, PC World? Everything you need to know about PC World Plus and Max


In January 2023, PC World magazine will move from paper to digital space. We help you navigate the new functions and find the usual content and services.

We had to make a difficult and far-reaching decision in 2022: the cost of producing the printed magazine and other difficulties forced us to increase the price to such a level that it would have been unrealistic to impose this on the readers. At the same time, it has been long overdue to raise the excellently performing and increasingly popular to a new level, so we saw that the time had come for a change.

It was a primary consideration that we did not reduce the quantity and quality of the content, but rather increased it, and in addition, exploiting the possibilities offered online, we offered new, modern services and useful aids to our readers. These packages PC World Plus and PC World Max can be found under the name, which are of course still the our website are available as part of

Switching from a printed magazine to an online service is a sharp and serious turning point, we had to prepare many things completely differently, so in this article we will try to answer most of the questions that may arise. Of course, it may happen that you will not find all the information you need here, so we ask that you write to us in this case to e-mail address, and we will try to get back to you with the solution as soon as possible.

Subscription vs. newspaper price: what’s the difference?

PC World magazine will be available as an online service from January 2023. For this page, where we offer two basic packages: PC World Plus and PC World Max. The printed PC World magazine will cease to exist, the content can now be accessed online in the form of blocked articles, videos, and services, and PC World Max subscribers will also receive a digitally distributed PC World magazine every month.

The December 2022 PC World magazine cost HUF 2,495. The PC World magazine service available in the subscription system, on the other hand, can already for HUF 830 per month is also available, and you can even get the larger PC World Max package for the same price until January 31, 2023 as part of our subscriber promotion. Our offer a you can find it on page

Will the magazine stay?

PC World magazine is no longer available in printed form, so you cannot subscribe to it either at Digitalstand or Magyar Posta. For PC World Plus and Max service a page, you can subscribe for up to one month or for a whole year at a discount. With the PC World Max subscription, you also receive a digitally distributed, flip-through, classic PC World magazine with 36 pages per month.

What should I know about the digitally distributed PC World magazine?

The digitally distributed PC World magazine is published on the first Friday of every month, 12 times a year. This 36-page publication is available as an embedded pager to PC World Max subscribers. The mentioned flip-up interface ensures comfortable readability on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, but if it is more convenient for someone, you can also download the current magazine in PDF format for your own use. It is forbidden to resell, share or sell this.

Have I subscribed to access content, extras, PC World magazine?

PC World Plus and Max subscribers get extra services and content from the page can be accessed. Here on the main page, you have to click on the login button in the upper right corner (, then log in to your PC World account. After that – with an active subscription, the publisher’s pages can already be read without ads. You can also find your profile page here, which is a you can also access it directly via the link. Here on the main page you can see the current month’s offer, and you can access the extra services from the menu above. In addition to the Helpline, you can change your data here and review the details of your subscription (package name, subscription expiration date, etc.).

Attention! Activation code, key, etc. are no longer required. to give it, so don’t even look for it. The system automatically recognizes which subscription belongs to your PC World account and how long it provides access to our services.

If you are a PC World Max subscriber, a page, you can also see the current month’s PC World front page in color, which you can click on to access the extra content. This is, among other things, the Safety Zone ESET Internet Security, Mobile Security and G Data with the current monthly codes of protection software, from here you can install and activate the complete softwareand the digitally distributed PC World magazine you can also find its pager here.

Do I get antivirus/protection software?

Yes, all our PC World Max subscribers receive monthly updated license keys for ESET Internet Security, Mobile Security and G Data software. In addition, we also treat you to full software every month. Our PC World Plus subscribers do not have access to this section, but if they wish, the system provides them with the opportunity to expand their subscription to Max.

Where can I subscribe?

Our end-of-the-year subscriber sale lasts until January 31, 2023 page, in the framework of which we offer free hardware and 1 year of Norton 360 Standard protection software in addition to the PC World Max subscription from our Premium and Ultimate packages. Also available here is our discount basic package offer, which offers a one-year subscription to PC World Max for a one-time fee of HUF 9,990 (normal price: HUF 14,880).

From January 6, 2023, for our PC World Plus and Max services a page, where you can conveniently and securely pay by bank card within the SimplePay system.

What will cease from January 2023?

In January 2023, PC World magazine will no longer be published in its printed form. Instead of the on the website, our subscribers can access extra content and services, which, in addition to articles, tests, analyses, tips and tricks, include special assistance, complete software, the usual ESET and G Data protection packages, as well as the digitally distributed PC for PC World Max subscribers Also World magazine.

What is the difference between PC World Plus and PC World Max?

After logging in, PC World Plus subscribers can access the publisher’s marked pages without ads (,,,,, as well as all blocked extra content, articles, aids, tips and tricks on PC World. THE page, you can also use our special Helpline service, and you can also take part in our monthly quiz competitions.

In addition to all PC World Plus services, PC World Max subscribers receive new ESET and G Data protection software codes every month, can download the current month’s full version software, and also have access to the digitally distributed, flip-through PC World magazine.

Our PC World Plus subscribers can switch to the PC World Max package at any time, in which case the system will automatically calculate the unique difference, which can also be paid by bank card through the SimplePay system.

Will I get full software?

Yes, our latest digitally distributed PC World magazine is released on the first Friday of every month, and we’re also treated to new full version software at that time Our PC World Max subscribers for.

I haven’t received answers to all my questions, where can I inquire?

Send your further questions and individual requests to pcworld@pcworld.huand your distribution-related questions to send it to e-mail address, we will try to answer as soon as possible.

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