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how to block them and why you receive them

Discover the reason why you are receiving calls from strangers on WhatsApp and how you can block them so they stop bothering you

WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers: how to block them and why you receive them
Calls from strangers on WhatsApp can be blocked

In this guide I am going to explain to you the reasons why you are receiving calls from strangers on WhatsApp and what steps you should take to avoid it. I am aware that constantly receiving calls on your devices through this platform is quite annoying. Therefore, in this guide I want to show you everything you need to know about this matter so that other users stop harassing you and, above all, you do not end up being a victim of a scam.

How to silence calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp

Since receiving calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp is very unpleasant, the first thing I am going to explain to you is how to silence these types of interactions in the application. In reality, it is a very similar procedure to the one that allows you silence all WhatsApp calls. However, in this case you will prevent those that come from unknown numbersmaintaining alerts for calls from your contacts.

It is necessary to highlight that at all times we speak of mute and not block. Because? Basically, because WhatsApp does not include an option to block calls from strangers. It only allows you to put them on silent and prevent them from bothering you. Later I will tell you a little more about how this option works.

WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers: how to block them and why you receive them

By silencing calls from strangers you will be preventing them from interrupting you and wasting your time.

Now what we have to do is see how to silence calls from strangers on WhatsApp. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go into Settings.
  2. In the list, click Privacy.
  3. Then, click on Calls.
  4. Finally, activate the option Silence calls from unknown numbers.

What will happen from now on? It’s very simple: calls from strangers will continue to reach your phone, but they will be silenced. That means that you will not hear anything, although they will appear on the screen. In addition, they will continue to be visible on the call log What’s inside the app.

WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers: how to block them and why you receive them

Do not hesitate to block and report any number that uses WhatsApp to make SPAM calls or promote scams

If a number persists in calling you and silencing the calls is not enough for you, it is best to block it. It is as easy as locating the unknown number that is calling you from the call list, opening the Information and select Block. If you think it is a dangerous call, you can also press report to inform WhatsApp that that user is using the platform illicitly.

Why are unknown numbers calling you?

Now that the most important part of this guide has been resolved, it is time to talk about these types of calls and why they occur. Generally, there are three reasons why an unknown phone can call you via WhatsApp:

  • It’s someone you know, but you haven’t saved it in your calendar.. Do not rule out that someone you know is calling you on WhatsApp. It is possible that, even if you know that person, you have not managed to save them in your contact list. Therefore, you will not see his name appear when you receive the call.
  • SPAM. WhatsApp can also be used to try to sell products or make calls considered SPAM. In this way, some take advantage of the platform to contact random numbers for commercial purposes. It is not strange that some are very insistent, especially if their objective is to obtain an economic return.
  • Scams. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common reasons why calls are made from unknown numbers. They may impersonate your bank or ask you to send them some important information using some trick.
WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers: how to block them and why you receive them

WhatsApp is a very popular platform. Therefore, it is ideal for scamming and spreading SPAM

So, can you pick up a call from an unknown number? To decide, it is good that you ask yourself some questions:

  • What is the prefix? If the prefix is ​​+34 it means that the number is Spanish. In that case, there is a better chance that the call is legitimate. When the contact trying to communicate with you calls from foreign countries, it is not likely that there is someone you know behind it, so be wary.
  • Insist? If you don’t pick up, the call may not be repeated, as scams and SPAM usually target random phone numbers. A person you know may insist because he really wants to talk to you. If you add the prefix variable to this, it will be easier for you to detect a scam.
  • What do they want? Remember: the fact of picking up does not mean that you have already fallen for the scam. If you finally decide to answer, listen carefully to what the interlocutor tells you and try to find out who he is. You may come across a recorded voiceover. If so, it is probably a SPAM call. On the contrary, if someone on the other side informs you that it is calling you from your bank or from some company with whom you have a business relationship, it is best to hang up and report the contact. Do not send any type of personal information, much less any that could compromise your financial health.

As you see, just apply a little discernment when receiving a call from an unknown number to determine if it is legitimate or not. In any case, always remember that neither banks, nor large corporations, nor state administrations will communicate with you through WhatsApp. With that in mind, you can stay safe from scams and SPAM that reach you through this platform.

Finally, we recommend you take a look at the list of SPAM numbers that we have prepared. You may identify a specific telephone number or a certain prefix that is usually related to advertising or scam calls.

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