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How to cancel a PayPal subscription


You won’t believe the number of subscriptions you have active in PayPal. So you can cancel them.

How to cancel a PayPal subscription
PayPal is one of the most used online payment applications in the world.

If you use PayPal for everything, including subscription payments, surely at some point you need to unsubscribe and you are interested in knowing how to cancel a PayPal subscription.

This is a completely secure and very popular payment method for making payments on all kinds of online pages, but more and more users are also using it to pay for certain subscriptions. For example, you can use PayPal to pay for your Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime subscriptionamong other.

You may be subscribed to more than you are probably aware of. If you want to unsubscribe, we will teach you how to unsubscribe.

Cancel a PayPal subscription step by step

you may have more active subscriptions in PayPal than you think Although there are many alternatives to PayPalfor many PayPal is the undisputed tool to make online payments or send money.

The subscriptions or automatic payments in PayPal You should not confuse them with the 3 installment plago, because they are not the same. Let’s say that they are commitments that you acquire with certain companies and they send you those payments every month.

For example, if you buy more storage from Google each month, that recurring payment can be passed directly to PayPal. Its operation is similar to the domiciliation of the light that you have with your bank. follow these Steps to cancel a subscription.

Check if you have active PayPal subscriptions

The first thing you have to do to be able to cancel possible subscriptions is to check if you have any active subscription in PayPal right now.

From the PayPal app for Android, if you enter the Activity section and go down one by one through the movements, it is possible that you will find some “Automatic payment”. However, the reality is that from the PayPal app we cannot manage and cancel active subscriptions. We must do this from the browser, entering this PayPal link.

Once inside you will see the subscriptions you have active. You can also filter by inactive ones. Although what interests us, mainly, is learning to cancel them.

How to cancel a PayPal subscription

PayPal Subscription List

cancel your subscription

To cancel a subscription, you must check between the active subscriptions and search for the one you are interested in canceling.

Once the subscription is found in the list, just click on “Cancel”. In a button that will appear as soon as you click on the subscription. We show it to you in the following image.

How to cancel a PayPal subscription

View of how to cancel subscriptions in PayPal

You will get a confirmation box to see that you have not given it by mistake. If you want to continue, you give Cancel and it would be As simple as that.

cancel automatic payments in paypal

Alert message when canceling active subscriptions in PayPal

You can go subscription to subscription and cancel the ones you are not interested in having. It is as if you told your bank that you do not want to receive more receipts from that companyso when you cancel the subscription, you won’t have to worry about more charges the following month.

Managing automatic payments in this way is very easy. If you haven’t tried it yet because you don’t have an account created, know that creating a PayPal account is free and you can do it in a moment. From there, you decide whether to manage the subscriptions this way or through your bank account as one more direct debit.

Differences between canceling the subscription in PayPal and canceling the service with the company

To stop PayPal automatic payments you can do two things:

  • Cancel the subscription directly in PayPal
  • Cancel the service directly with the company (eg: Google)
  • If you cancel the service directly with the company, no more payments will be made to you by any means, be it PayPal or the payment method you have configured. While if you cancel it in PayPal, the same thing will happen, but with the difference that if you decide to resubscribe and pay with PayPal, you will have to set it up again.

    In any case, it is very useful, especially when subscription payments arrive to PayPal and you don’t know where they come from. Also, thanks to PayPal you can start disputes and fight for your interests, something that practically no one else offers you. That is why PayPal is so well valued and we always tend to prioritize it over other options.

    The advantages of paying for subscriptions with PayPal

    If you are subscribed to several services, it is possible that the payment management becomes a bit complex, especially if you have many subscriptions and use different payment methods. Ideally, it is pay for all subscriptions with the same payment method. This way, you’ll be able to check all your active subscriptions easily from the same place, as we teach you to do at PayPal. So you can see the active and inactive ones, without having to enter each website separately to search for them.

    The advantages of doing so are many. The main one is the order What does it mean, because you will be able to consult the active subscriptions and see them in the same place in real time, whenever you need it. You will also be able to cancel them at any time that it is not convenient for you to face the payment.

    In the case of subscriptions from unreliable pages or where You don’t feel like giving your card details, PayPal is also ideal. Also, you can easily get the money back in many cases.

    For all your facilities, subscriptions with PayPal they are more cool Now you know how to manage and cancel them without dying trying.


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