Android NewsHow to change your Facebook profile picture without knowing

How to change your Facebook profile picture without knowing


Act like a magician and change your profile picture without being seen.

How to change your Facebook profile picture without knowing
Personalize your Facebook profile without proclaiming it to the four winds

If you have spent years with the same photo on the social network of faces, the time has come to change it. But if you’re not sure you have the final profile picture or you just don’t want anyone to know that you’ve changed it, there’s a trick that lets you change profile picture on facebook without knowing.

If you want to go unnoticed, don’t even think about changing the photo without first seeing the trick, because if you do, you’ll see that a publication is generated by default that you have changed the photo and everyone will have noticed. If you want to hide it, go to the tutorial.

Change Facebook profile photo on Android step by step

There are many Facebook users, each one different. Some even create a anonymous facebook profile so no one knows who it is. But if you have a real profile and what you want is that Facebook doesn’t notify you every time you change your profile pictureyou need to know something that we know.

And it is that, Facebook does something that almost nobody likes. The moment you do a change in profile photo or cover photo, make a post on your behalf informing everyone of the change, so they can see and like it. However, if you’re testing or don’t want them to know you’ve changed the photo, this can be a bit annoying. It’s like it assaults your privacy a bit.

But nothing happens, because everything has a solution. In addition, you can do this in several ways, both from the facebook app on android like from the computer. Choose the one you want.

We will do From the phone so you know how to do it from the app. These are the Steps to follow:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account on Android
  • Once inside your account, click on the lower icon in the shape of a camera
  • Hit “Select profile photo” and choose a photo from the gallery or upload it
  • At the bottom you will see a checkbox to share your update in the news section, deactivate it!
  • How to change your Facebook profile picture without knowing

    Follow this process to change Facebook profile picture

    The key is to do the latter. Do not check the box (which is activated by default), because otherwise will post an update advising of the photo change.

    What to do if Facebook has published an automatic update reporting the photo change

    In the event that you have not noticed and you are reading this late, wrong and dragging, after having uploaded the photo, nothing happens. There is still something you can do. It is enough that you enter your Facebook profile and do the following:

  • Click on the post menu
  • Then click on “Edit privacy”
  • Lastly in “Who can see the post?” “Just Me” brands
  • And it would be Just by doing this it will stop being shown to other contacts and it is as if you had changed the photo without being seen.

    Obviously, even if the notice informing of the change does not appear, users will see your new photo every time they view your profile or in your interactions in the publications.

    If you have little experience using Facebook and you are afraid of changing your profile photo in case you do it wrong, my advice is that make the change of the early morning photo. Since everyone will be sleeping, even if you make a mistake, it is possible that nobody or almost nobody will see the automatic publication. In this way you will be able to lose your fear a bit and for the following photo changes you will no longer complicate your life.

    Tricks for Facebook there are many and this is one of them. Even if the publication warning of the change of photo has been posted for a few minutes, you can Know if someone has visited your Facebook profile during that time. So you can get out of doubt.


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