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How to configure Siri so that she listens to us for longer when we ask her for something

It is possible to configure Siri to take a longer pause before processing our request.

How to configure Siri so that she listens to us for longer when we ask her for something
With this accessibility feature you can make Siri adapt to the way you speak

Although siri is far behind the competition, the truth is that it has certain benefits that make the iPhone assistant also efficient, such as the possibility of being able to have conversations with it or perform tasks perfectly tasks that are related to the operating system itself.

If we enter the app Settings of the iPhone and we look at the section siriWe can see endless options with which the experience with the iPhone assistant will be much better. Options such as being able to make listen to us longer when we talk to you to prevent it from cutting us off before finishing our request.

Hey Siri, don’t cut me off while I’m talking to you

There are several ways to invoke siri. Using our voice and the relevant command or by pressing the side button. Although if we keep the side button pressed all the time While we interact with Siri, it will not cut us off even if we pause for a long time, the truth is that there is also a setting to be able to release the button for greater comfort.

A setting that is tremendously useful if we want to release the button or invoke Siri with the voice command that we all know. To detect that we have finished talking, Siri notices silencessome silences that sometimes may not be the right time to start processing our request. Silences that can be caused by a slower way of speaking, for example.

Fortunately, there is a setting to make Siri listen to us for longer when we speak to her. To do this, you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. We open the app Settings on our iPhone.
  2. We came in Accessibility.
  3. We touch siri.
  4. In the options that will appear in Siri pause timewe choose between Default, Longest or Longest.

Following these steps, we will make Siri wait a little longer to process our request. A tremendously useful resource if we want to take our time when making requests, for example. An adjustment that is also capable of adapting to each person’s way of speaking.

And this is just one of the big ones. accessibility features that iPhones have. In this aspect, Apple is one of the best.

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