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How to create videos to congratulate the new year on WhatsApp


They are already a classic for every New Year’s Eve, so we are going to show you how to get the funniest New Year greetings using only your Android mobile.

How to create videos to congratulate the new year on WhatsApp
Thanks to this collection of apps, creating your videos and personalized greetings to send via WhatsApp becomes a simple task.

Tomorrow is New Years Eveand here at Andro4all we know that following what is now almost an insurmountable tradition, most of you will turn to WhatsApp and your mobile phones to compulsively congratulate practically all of your contact listor at least yes to all the favourites.

Thus, we did not want to miss the opportunity to teach you in time how to create your most witty and fun congratulations using the smartphone, so that you are more original than ever when it comes to surprise family and friends saying goodbye to this 2022 course that only has a few hours left.

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It is not complicated and it will not take you hours to create your greeting, do not worry, because There are countless applications on Android. that will allow you to create funny videos or photos, with emotional messages or in a joking tone, so that you can send them in seconds and look like kings of Christmas greetings.

Do you want to get yours a smile? Well, here is our selection of The best apps to create videos and congratulations both Christmas and New Years using just an android phone and our creativity.

The best apps to congratulate the New Year on Android

  • JibJab
  • elfyourself
  • Christmas Dance
  • PNP – Portable North Pole
  • Happy New Year 2023

Now we show you in detail what each one offers us, and We leave you direct links to Google Play so you don’t have to do searches on your phone if you are interested in one… They are varied and you can create congratulations in minutes!

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JibJab is probably the most complete app to create congratulations that you can find on Android, and that was born in the shadow of the second on this list, a elfyourself for me surpassed widely for this option.

In fact, it is that with JibJab we will not only stick to Christmas, because the app allows us to create greetings throughout the year by modifying the available themeswhether for Thanksgiving or Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, St. Patrick’s Day or any other important celebration.

Creating videos is as easy as take our favorite picturesload them from the gallery or Facebook, and choose the type of video and dance that we want the app to personalize us. No more.

JibJab (free) | Google play


Second in contention and probably the best known, ElfYourself has several very funny predefined videosalthough surely quite seen after so many years.

We will can select up to 5 faces, the choreographies and the themedata with which the app itself will return a personalized video that we can upload to our social networks and messaging services in a few seconds.

It can pay to get new dances and preset themesalthough the free version is still available and good for what most will need.

ElfYourself (Free) | Google play

Christmas Dance

Christmas Dance is similar in concept to JibJab Y elfyourselfbut in this case with the images loaded we can create avatars in three dimensions They will sing Christmas songs.

Its use is simple and intuitive, without fantasies, being able to select the number of characters, the setting and the movementsin addition to the song always within the library offered by the app itself, no possibility to upload audios or songs of our mobile.

Christmas Dance – 3D Videos (Free) | Google play

PNP – Portable North Pole

The PNP app is one of the most experienced options in this of congratulations, and it is that its history already has more than 10 years offering us congratulatory messages of all kinds with Santa Claus and his elves as great protagonists.

With this simple application You can not only create and send personalized videosbut it is also possible to do audio calls, video calls, greeting videos, cards and much more…

It’s free but it has paid contentand the best thing is that Santa Claus is capable of pronouncing names and hobbies of our relatives or friends to personalize and direct the message increasing the magic at the highest level.

PNP–Portable North Pole (free) | Google play

Happy New Year 2023

It is not an app to create videos as such, but the truth is that This application is simply essential to use WhatsApp on these datesand it is that it will provide us with a collection of stickers or Christmas stickers and other content to use in the messaging service par excellence.

Content is offered in 6 languages ​​and has 1,000+ images, GIFs, stickers and quotesalso updated to the new year 2023 and prepared for you to include them in your WhatsApp states, in your wallpapers or conversation and so that you can use them in your own conversations within the Meta messaging service.

A ‘must have’ full-blown Christmas congratulations fans cannot missand that we leave you right here.

Happy New Year 2023 (Free) | Google play


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