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How to disable touch on Windows 11

Tired of accidentally activating the touchscreen on your Windows 11 PC? Here’s how to disable it and go back to a traditional laptop experience.

These days, many of the best laptops on the market come with some form of touch support. It started with tablets, which are devices that really only make sense with touch, but now we have convertible laptops, and even some classic clamshell laptops that have touch support. Personally, I’m completely in favor of this since I love touchscreens, but if you don’t want your laptop to support touch, Windows 11 allows you to disable it.

The idea of buying a touchscreen device only to disable touch support may seem silly, but it can be a good workaround if you’re having issues like ghost touches or something just isn’t working right. Disabling touch can help prevent issues until you can have the hardware fixed.

  1. On the desktop, right-click the Start icon and choose Device Manager.
    Screenshot of a Windows 11 desktop showing the Start menu context menu with the Device Manager option highlighted

  2. Here, expand the Human Interface Devices section.
    Screenshot of Device Manager with the Human Interface devices section highlighted

  3. Look for a device called HID-compliant touch screen. Right-click it and then choose Disable device from the context menu.
    Screenshot of Device Manager with the option to disable the touch screen highlighted

  4. Windows will show a warning and ask for confirmation that you want to disable the device. Click Yes.
  5. There may be more than one entry with this name, depending on your model. If disabling one doesn’t work, repeat the process for the other.
  6. You should now see that the screen no longer responds to your touch, and you can close Device Manager.

You can use these steps as a temporary workaround if you’re experiencing issues with your touchscreen, or leave the device disabled indefinitely if you never want to use touch again. You can always go back and enable it again if you’d like to get touch support back. And if you do, you can check out our guide on how to use touch gestures in Windows 11.

While it shouldn’t happen, it’s possible that major updates for Windows 11 will re-enable the touchscreen, so if you notice that it’s come back to life, simply follow the steps above again to make sure it’s disabled.

If what you’re looking for is how to disable the touchpad on your laptop (what you would use as a mouse), most laptops have a key in the function row that allows you to do just that. Depending on the laptop, you may need to press the Fn key and the respective function key to enable or re-enable the touchpad.

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