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We teach you how to make your Instagram “Top 9” with the best photos and videos published on your profile this year.

How to make Instagram Top Nine step by step: your best photos of 2023 in a mosaic
Instagram does not allow you to make the Top 9… although there are tools you can use to do so.

We are going to explain how you can make your Instagram Top 9 with the best photos and videos published on your profile over the last year. As the Spotify wrapped or the Year in Google YouTube Searchhe Instagram Top 9 It has become one of the traditions at the end of each year for users of the main Internet platforms.

But, unlike what happens on the rest of the platforms, Instagram does not offer this function nativelyand it is necessary to resort to third-party tools to be able to create the First nine. Not all of them are the same, and we are going to show you which is the best way to do it Step by Step.

Create your Instagram “Top Nine” or “Best Nine” in a few simple steps

There are many apps that allow generate a selection of the nine best posts from our profile in the form of a mosaicto later share it on Instagram or any other platform.

Many of them, however, are full of advertising and unnecessary additions that end up frustrating the experience.

For that reason, in this case we are going to use a free website which enables create and share the Top Nine of our Instagram profile, or that of any other public profile on the social network. Is about bestnine.neta page that does not ask for registration or sharing personal data, and that can also be used completely free of charge and without logging in. To use it, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open bestnine.net in the browser on your mobile, tablet or computer.
  2. Make sure your Instagram profile is public before continuing.
  3. Enter your Instagram ID in the text box, and tap or click “Get.”
  4. Wait for the process to finish, it may take several minutes. The page will select your nine best posts of the year automatically.
  5. Finally, save the image or share the result on your social networks.

When it’s finished, you can save an image scam the nine publications that have had the most “Likes” over the last yearin the form of a mosaic.

It is worth mentioning that bestnine.net also allows see the nine best posts from any other Instagram profile, as long as it is not protected. In fact, the website itself gives us the option to see the selection of the best publications from some of the most famous accounts on the social network.

Although this is one of the most popular tools to generate the Top Nine on Instagram, it is possible to find others as useful as TopNine.co which also allow you to do the same in a simple and free way.

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