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How to download a WhatsApp video message step by step

Video messages are not saved in the gallery, but in the internal storage. So you can access it to see them.

How to download a WhatsApp video message step by step
If you search your gallery, you will not find WhatsApp video messages

We are going to explain how to download a WhatsApp video message step by step. These types of instant messages, which work like audio messages, are not automatically saved in your mobile gallery, although they are saved in the internal storage. Because of that, it is possible to view them at any time; Yes, you should do it in the following way.

From where to see WhatsApp video messages

To view these messages you will have to use a file explorer. You can choose to use the one that comes integrated by default on your device, although you can also use Google Fileswhich turns out to be one of the most convenient free file explorers for Android and It will be the one we use for the tutorial.

Download Google Files

Follow these steps to find WhatsApp video messages

  • Open the Google Files app
  • Choose Internal storage
  • Access the folder Android
  • Enter the subfolder Media
  • Choose com.WhatsApp
  • Click on WhatsApp
  • Go into Media
  • Choose WhatsApp video
Google Files to find WhatsApp video messages

From here you can play them, but also move, copy or delete them

Once you enter WhatsApp Video, you will see the WhatsApp videos. Both normal ones and those in this category will be shown.. If you click on one of them, they will play. You can too touch the 3 little dots that appear on the right to show more options. By doing so, you can move it, copy it, share it or delete it, among other possibilities.

How to send WhatsApp video messages

Step 1: activate WhatsApp video messages

If you are wondering how to send a WhatsApp video message, The first thing you should do is activate them. If you activate themyou will be able to send and receive them; [mientras que si los desactivas]You can only receive them, but not send them. The ability to activate or deactivate them has been included because many users got confused because they wanted to press the audio button and ended up sending a video.

To turn them on or off, do the following:

  • Open the whatsapp application
  • Tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
  • Click on Settings
  • Choose Talks
  • Check or uncheck the box Instant video messages

Step 2: Send them from chat

Once activated, enter a chat and tap the audio buttonthat green one in the lower right corner. Doing so will change the icon inside from a microphone to a camera. When you are with the camera, press it to start recording it. It can have a maximum duration of 60 seconds. When you finish recording, release it to send.

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