Home Android News How to download your tax data on your mobile step by step

How to download your tax data on your mobile step by step

How to download your tax data on your mobile step by step


This is the most efficient way to consult your tax data via mobile phone.

How to download your tax data on your mobile step by step
Your tax data is in the palm of your hand following this short tutorial

Since last March 15, 2023, the consultation of tax data on mobile facing the 2022 Income Tax Declaration campaign. This allows us to have a much greater capacity to control our data, since we will store it in the palm of our hand. We already told you at the time how useful this was for the Income Tax Return 2022but this time we are going to focus on how it is done through our mobile phone specifically. Regardless of whether you have Android or iOS, the procedure is exactly the same.

As it is already a classic, to make this type of procedures you need an advanced authentication method. Therefore, here you can discover how to get the online digital certificate or the CL@VE PIN that will allow you to access higher level procedures.

How to check your tax data on your mobile phone through the browser

Consulting the tax data for the 2022 Income Tax Return is very simple through the browser. We just have to access headquarters.agenciatributaria.gob.es and click on “Tax data”. Once there, it will ask us to log in, either with the Digital certificate or with cl@ve.

The Treasury website where you can check your tax data

On this Treasury website you can consult your tax data for the 2022 Income Tax Return

Once inside, an explanatory sheet will appear with all your data. Including your address and the money you have earned last year. Who your payers are (if you are self-employed) or your payroll information. You must confirm if the data that the Treasury has is correct to make the declaration much more comfortable and avoid any scares. Also is true that They usually don’t make mistakes.

How to check your tax data on your mobile through the application

First of all, we will have to download the Tax Agency application. Fortunately it is available for both Android and iOS and the operation is identical in both. As you will see, the application is really intuitive and works based on “squares” of information, so it does not entail major difficulties either. Also, it has now been updated so that we can put the digital certificate directly in the application.

Download the Tax Agency application in the Play StoreDownload the Tax Agency application in the App Store

That said, the first step is to access the application itself. There, the first option that will appear before our eyes is, as usual, that of the 2022 Income Campaign. Simply Click on “Income” and the authentication system will open. You can do it with the DNI or with the digital certificate. It depends on what you really have on hand, although it is always more convenient to use the digital certificate so as not to have to constantly use our data.

The steps to see your tax data in the app.  First access Income, then go to "Tax data"

In this simple way we can see what our tax data is.

Once inside, access “Income 2022” and there you will have a section available that says “Tax data” in which you can collect all the necessary information in this regard. It’s very simple, so you can check if any of this information is wrong and correct it in time so that you don’t have to regret any problems later.

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