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How to Get Jupiter Money Cashback Card? [Full Guide]

Jupiter Bank Cashback Card

Jupiter Money Cashback Card , Jupiter Card, Jupiter Bank, Jupiter Cashback Card, Jupiter Bank Early Access, Jupiter Bank Referral CodeHello Coolz Readers!! Get your Slice No Cost EMI Credit Card For Free. Join the exclusive Jupiter Money Bank First list and get 10% cashback on all spends. Have several monthly transactions yet are unable to obtain a credit card? Then Jupiter Cashback Card could be advantageous for you. Jupiter is an authorised issuer of VISA debit cards and savings bank accounts by the RBI. It is an online bank or website that enables customers to obtain a VISA debit card and savings account online.

Get Cashback on all Debit Card and UPI spends for the first 3 months up to ₹ 1000/month. Create a bank account while making a playlist or posting a picture. That’s 100% digital and zero percent painful.

From UPI to card swipes, get 1% cashback instantly. The Jupiter savings bank account and VISA debit card are provided through and in partnership with an RBI-licensed bank. Sign up for early access and 10% cashback on your every spend using UPI or Card.

Follow Given Steps and Join Jupiter Bank Waiting List Now!!!

Jupiter Money Cashback Card Features :

  • Sign Up & Be The First For Early Access
  • 10% cashback on all UPI and Debit card spends
  • In Partnership with Federal Bank
  • ISO certified and PCI DSS compliant
  • No more CRY-PTIC coupon codes and ‘better luck’ scratch cards

Jupiter Saving Bank account

Jupiter is the first and only co-created banking platform for millennials in India. As previously said, Jupiter allows you to open an online savings account, but you should be aware that Jupiter does not fully administer your account. Your savings account is administered by the partner federal bank in accordance with RBI regulations.

Therefore, your entire banking profile will be linked to Federal Bank. You will also enjoy interest rates comparable to those of the Federal Reserve Bank, although this is not explicitly stated on Jupiter’s website. It is also possible that the Jupiter account is focused solely on their rewards card. We cannot confirm until the launch. Continue to visit this page for updates. We will update it as soon as we receive new information.

How to Get Jupiter Money Cashback Card Free?

About Jupiter Cashback Card :- Jupiter provides its members with a cashback card for online purchases. The Jupiter card is one of the best possibilities for people in search of an excellent online transaction card that delivers a substantial amount of cashback or by which they can make frequent cashback purchases.

1. First of All Open Given Link & Install the Jupiter App :

2. Signup with Entering your Aadhar Linked Mobile Number and Tap on Join Button.

3. Enter your Name, Email Address, Available City near you and Verify it with OTP.

Jupiter Bank Cashback Card

5. You will Get instant 1% Cashback on your all UPI and Card Spends

Jupiter Bank Saving Account Charges

Minimum Average Balance Zero Balance
Interest Rate on Savings Account 2.75% per year
Online Payments – NEFT/RTGS/UPI No charges
Get a physical debit card for the first time No charges
Yearly charges on debit card No charges
Transaction fees if you use Federal bank ATM No charges
Transaction fees if you use any ATM other than Federal bank Free for first 5 transactions per month
After 5 transactions, ₹21 for cash withdrawal & ₹10 for balance check or mini statement per transaction
Get a chequebook No charges

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