How To Play Music On Spotify While You Game On PS5

How To Play Music On Spotify While You Game On PS5

One of the best features of the PS4 that came later in its life cycle was the ability to play music from Spotify while you game, and the good news is that it’s available on the PS5 too. Now depending on the game, you may want to listen to the in-game audio. And that’s perfectly fine, and in many cases encouraged. As in-game audio can sometimes be a major part of the experience.

In a number of situations it may even be crucial to the gameplay as well as more immersive. But, for the times when you don’t really care or the audio isn’t that important, why not chill out and game while you listen to some of your favorite tunes?

Sure, you could easily play music through a different device while you game. But this makes things way easier because you can control everything from one device. If you want to know how to set this up, it’s pretty simple and this handy guide will walk you through it.

How to play music from Spotify while you game on PS5

If you’ve never experienced this feature before, that’s understandable. It isn’t exactly one of the features that Sony highlighted a whole lot. At best it probably got its five minutes of fame and then disappeared into the background. Making way for more gaming-focused features.

But the possibility to listen to music from Spotify while you play games is still around even for PS5 owners. As Sony and Spotify saw fit to bring it forward to the new generation of consoles. Here’s how to get started with setting it up.

Start by downloading the Spotify app

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First things first, and likely the most obvious step, get the Spotify app onto your PS5 by installing it from the media page. Click on the media page from the top, then make sure you highlight All Apps.

Scroll down using your DualSense controller or PS5 Media Remote and click on Spotify to bring up the download option. Click on download to install the app and that will get things going. Once the app is installed, launch it to sign in the initial time and then you’re good to go to use the app from there on.

As you will only need to sign in the first time (unless you log out), you can continue to launch and use it freely. Just like you would the mobile or desktop apps.

Launch Spotify and find music to listen to

This step is pretty self explanatory. Just head to Spotify and find something that you want to listen to while you play games. It could be any music you like, or something which you feel may fit the tone of the game the best. Playing a fighting game? Search for something high energy.

Once you’ve found something to listen to just hit play and continue on.

Launch a game

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Now that you’ve got your music stuff sorted out, it’s time to find a game to play. Head back over to the game page by hitting the PlayStation button on your DualSense controller or PS5 Media Remote to bring up the command center.

Then just like you did for the Media page, scroll up to the top and click over to the game page. Find the game you want to play and launch it like you would any other time. If your music is already playing, then it will continue to play in the background as you launch and play games.

Manage playback from the command center

Sony and Spotify have worked out a really easy way to control playback of your music while you game. And there’s actually a couple of ways to do it. First bring up the command center by hitting the PlayStation button on your DualSense controller. Not the Media Remote this time (if you have one), as you won’t be using that to play games.

If the music is already playing, then you should see the Spotify card as the first card in the lineup. While the remaining cards will all be related to whatever game you’re playing.

From this point, you can actually just hit the Square button on the controller to pause your music. And pressing it again will resume playback. The other option is to click on the card with the Cross button and then from there you have access to all the media playback controls. Including the pause/play, fast forward, rewind, volume adjustment for the music, and options for shuffle, repeat, and saving songs.

Play games on PS5 while you manage Spotify music from your phone

Another thing worth noting is that you can play music from Spotify on your PS5, but manage the playback from your smartphone. To do this you will need to set up Spotify Connect. And once that’s done the controls for playback should pop up on your mobile device so long as the Spotify app is installed there too.

You can turn off in-game music for some titles

Not all games will support this, but if you want no distractions from your Spotify listening experience, you can turn off the in-game music entirely.

The only unfortunate thing with this feature is that there doesn’t seem to be a definitive list of games that have support. So you just have to try and see if it’s available when you play. If the game does support this feature, it will either turn the in-game music off for you automatically, or it’ll allow you to manage this yourself.

Some games of course will not allow you to turn off in-game music. In which case you may have to settle for hearing both at the same time.

Power on your PS5 using the Spotify app on another device

Sony has baked in a number of ways to power on your PS5 remotely, and as it turns out you can do this through the Spotify app on another device too. There are a couple of caveats.

First you need to have Spotify Connect set up. So make sure that’s out of the way first. You also need to have the Spotify app installed on another device. Like the mobile app for example. Lastly, you need to launch the Spotify app on the PS5 and go to the settings menu within the app.

There you will find the option for powering on your PS5 using the Spotify app on a different device. Click on that option and there will be a toggle you need to enable to turn this feature on.

Now, this will only work if your PS5 is in Rest Mode. Not when it’s fully powered off. So keep that in mind if you plan on using it. And that’s that! Now you can enjoy Spotify while you play your favorite games.

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