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How to repair PS4 controller analog sticks? Try these tricks!

If the DualShock 4 isn’t working properly, you don’t need to take it to a service center right away.

Is your PS4 controller no longer working properly? Have you noticed that even though you’re not holding the analog sticks at all, the character still moves a bit in the game? This common error can be caused by abnormally functioning levers, which can also be caused by dirt or mechanical failure. We show you some practical tips that you can use to remedy this at home.

Restart the controller

If you experience for the first time that the lever does not work properly on your PS4 controller, a simple restart can also help. Turn off the controller, wait a short time, then turn it on again. In the event that the cause of the problem is not to be found in the electronics, after restarting the controller should work again as if it were new.

PS4 controller cleaning

PS4 controller failure is often caused by dirt accumulating on the surface of the stick, especially in the gap between the controller body and the stick. Take a high-quality, lint-free cloth and carefully wipe the entire surface of the analog sticks with it. A drop of water mixed with isopropyl alcohol will help remove embedded dirt and grease.

It is best to use compressed air to remove dirt that cannot be wiped off with a cloth. To avoid problems with the operation of the controller, perform preventive cleaning at least once a month.

Replace or repair your controller under warranty

If you see that the controller is not working properly, despite the fact that it is not dirty, the best solution is to choose a warranty repair, of course only if the warranty is still valid. Once it’s been tested for functionality, Sony will send you a new controller or repair it.

Remember: If the device is still under warranty, do not undertake repairs or deep cleaning that require opening it. Because it is possible that the warranty will no longer be valid after this.

Deep cleaning of the inside of the controller

If you know that the product’s problems are caused by dirt, but they cannot be removed from the outside, a more serious step is required. Open the controller itself by carefully removing the screws on the bottom and lift the battery up to access the motherboard. After that, you can easily clean the inside of the arms that are difficult to access from the outside with a rag. You can also carefully soak the rag in a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol.

Do not forget: Do not use compressed air to clean the internal parts of the controller, high pressure can damage the delicate electronics. When wiping off dirt, make sure that you do not accidentally detach or damage any of the components of the motherboard.

Replace the analog stick with a new one

If cleaning doesn’t help and the error persists, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new controller. A cheaper solution is to replace the faulty arm and the sensor – the potentiometer. THE FixShop.hu you can get a new analog stick at a good price in the online store. A soldering iron is also required for replacement. However, if you have at least basic dexterity and tools, you can easily do the repair at home.

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