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How to request the vote by mail for the municipal and regional elections through the internet

This is the way in which you can request to vote by mail online.

How to request the vote by mail for the municipal and regional elections through the internet
The municipal elections arrive on May 28

The Municipal Elections of the year 2023 will be held on May 28. Thus, all the cities and towns of Spain will be able to elect their representatives in the different mayoralties and municipal parties. However, in many communities there will also be regional elections. In this guide we are going to teach you how to apply to vote by mail online so that you can order it from your computer without having to leave home.

Requirements to be able to apply for a vote by mail

Voting by mail is designed for those people who they will not be able to go to the place where they have their habitual residence to vote. This includes students and other people who are displaced by their work or personal obligations.

In order to carry out these procedures, it is totally necessary to use the digital certificate. In procedures of this type, the level of authentication is high, so it will not help us to have not even Cl@ve Pin o Permanent Pin as it did happen, for example, in the case of MEC scholarships 2023. It is also possible to use the electronic ID and we will have to have it connected to the computer all the time.

It is very important to take this into account since otherwise we will have to go to a post office in order to exercise our right to vote. In this way, we can receive all the information at home without having to go to the post office, but it is indispensable this requirement.

Application It will be available until May 18. of this year and Spaniards residing abroad may not do so, only people who are currently in the national territory.

Finally, it is very important to keep in mind that this request cannot be made via mobile. It is necessary to have a computer since the self-signature service is required to conclude with the request. It is important to take this into account before starting with it because otherwise we will not be able to finish the process.

How to apply to vote by mail online

The truth is that it is very simple to carry out the process. First we need to access the web page enabled for this question. There, the first thing we will see will be the access to the procedure, you have to click on “Request” as you see in the image.

The procedure to carry out the vote by mail

By clicking on request we can access the vote-by-mail procedure

From here we will arrive at another screen. This is very important since we are going to be told in detail what are the requirements to access the procedureincluding the “Autofirma” service and having the digital certificate or the electronic ID. At this point, what we have to do is click on the point as it is seen in the picture.

The place to continue with the vote-by-mail process

Through this process we can continue with the process

The next part of the process is private and personalized for you. You have to leave your data and your address. Be very careful when leaving your address and make sure it is entered correctly, otherwise you will not receive what you need to vote by mail. After this, you will have to use the autofirma program to end the red tape.

Remember that when your vote-by-mail kit arrives, you will have to go to a post office to cast your ballot.


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