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How to set up Intel Unison on Windows 11, iPhone, and Android

If you’re using a Windows PC with an Intel Core Ultra CPU or a 13th-generation Intel CPU, you might have heard of Intel Unison. This app is similar to Microsoft’s Phone Link and brings your iPhone or Android phone closer to your PC. With it, you can see your phone’s photos, transfer files, answer phone calls, and even send messages.

Officially, the app is pre-installed on newer laptops with Intel Evo CPUs, but you can technically sideload the app to any Windows 11 PC with an Intel CPU. While there’s no guarantee it’ll work, we have you covered on how to install and use Intel Unison on your laptop.

Download and Install Intel Unison on your PC

To get started, you’ll have to download the Intel Unison app from the Microsoft Store. This step only applies to laptops with 12th-generation or older Intel CPUs that don’t have the Intel Unison app pre-installed. We’ve tested it on a Surface Laptop Studio, which has an 11th-generation Intel CPU, but it should be the same on a newer chip or another laptop.

  1. Download Intel Unison at this link.
  2. Click Get in Store app.
  3. Click Open and then Install once the Microsoft Store app is on the screen.
    A screenshot of the Microsoft Store listing for Intel Unison on Windows 11

(Optional) Sideload the app

Having issues downloading the Intel Unison app directly from the Microsoft Store? You can sideload the app using a website that’ll pull the required files to install it on your Windows PC.

  1. Copy the Microsoft Store URL for Intel Unison.
  2. Open the online link generator for the Microsoft Store website.
  3. Paste the Microsoft Store URL where it says URL (link)
  4. In the dropdown box, select Retail.
    A screenshot of the processes of sideloading Intel Unison on Windows

  5. Click the checkmark and wait for the files to load.
  6. Click to download the second listed file. The name of the listing should end with 8j3eq9eme6ctt.msixbundle.
  7. If you get a warning that the file can’t be downloaded securely, ignore it. Click the three dots next to the download, choose Keep, and then Keep anyway.
  8. When downloaded, double-click and launch the file.

Following these steps, Intel Unison should now be sideloaded to your Windows 11 PC.

Install the companion app on iOS and Android

Now that Intel Unison is installed, you can launch the app. It should have been added to your Start Menu automatically, but you can also find it with the Windows 11 search box.

Before proceeding, please ensure Bluetooth is enabled on both your mobile device and PC and that both devices are connected to the internet, preferably the same Wi-Fi network. This is required for the app to work at its best.

  1. Hit the Accept & continue button in the Intel Unison app on your PC.
  2. Choose if you want to share crash data or analytics.
  3. Scan the on-screen QR code using the iPhone or Android device you want to pair with your PC.
    A screenshot of an QR code for setting up Intel Unison on a Windows 11 PC

  4. This will take you to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the companion app on your mobile device. Install it.
  5. On your iPhone or Android device, choose the Accept & continue option.
  6. Choose again if you want to share crash data and statistics.
  7. Accept the permissions by clicking Let’s go.
  8. Agree to each of the permission prompts for contacts, photos, calls, SMS, etc.

Once finished, keep the Intel Unison app open on your PC, and don’t exit the app. You’ll need it open for the next steps.

Pair your iPhone or Android with your PC

After you install the Intel Unison app on your phone, you’ll want to go through the Bluetooth and pairing process on Windows to complete things and get started with using the app.

  1. On the Intel Unison app on your iPhone or Android device, tap on Scan QR code.
  2. If required, grant permission to the camera on your mobile device.
  3. Using the Intel Unison mobile app, scan the QR code you see on your PC.
  4. Make sure that the displayed pairing code matches what you see on both your Windows PC and mobile device.
    A window that allows you to pair your iPhone to Intel Unison in Windows 11.

  5. Click Confirm on the Intel Unison app on your PC.
  6. Allow your PC to connect to your phone automatically via Bluetooth.
  7. Approve any Bluetooth pairing requests on both your mobile device and PC, and make sure the PIN numbers match.
  8. Allow access to notifications.

Once you complete pairing, you should see a completion or “success!” message on the Intel Unison app on your Android or iPhone. You can now play around with the app on your Windows PC.

Grant additional permissions

If you’re using Intel Unison with an iPhone, you’ll have to grant the app some extra permissions to send and receive iMessages on your PC. Unison will automatically prompt you for this if you attempt to send a message for the first time after setup.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Bluetooth.
  3. Choose the name of your paired PC.
  4. Tap the (i) next to it.
  5. Tap Show Notifications and make sure the toggle switch is on.

Enjoy the app!

A screenshot of the Intel Unison Gallery feature

That’s it! You’ve officially paired your iPhone or Android device to your Windows PC through Intel Unison. You can now explore the app and enjoy its many great features.

You can copy photos from your Phone to your PC by going to the gallery and clicking the download icon at the top right of a photo. And you can send new iMessages from Unison by clicking Messages. Remember, you won’t see your entire conversation history in Intel Unison, as only Android phones will let you do this. You can even see your phone’s notifications and place calls. Intel Unison is a truly powerful app and a great way to unite your iPhone or Android device with your PC.

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