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How to use Android Auto to know where you have parked your car

In this guide I explain the steps to take advantage of the Android Auto parking recording function. Don’t forget where you left the car!

How to use Android Auto to know where you have parked your car
Android Auto can help you know where you have parked

Android Auto is an application widely used by those who drive regularly. Thanks to its interface, it is possible to access the (limited) functions of your mobile phone from the vehicle screen. There are many services that make up this tool, from some of the best apps for caravans and camper vans to platforms as essential as Google Maps. In fact, navigation applications are the most relevant in the Android Auto ecosystem because they allow you, among other things, choose the most efficient route to save gasoline and remember the place where you parked the car. I am going to talk to you precisely about this last question in this guide.

In the following sections I am going to explain to you how to save parking from Android Auto thanks to applications like Google Maps, Waze or other alternatives. If you tend to forget where you have parked, what I show you here will interest you. Do not miss it!

Save parking with Google Maps on Android Auto

Google Maps is the navigation application for many users. If this is your case, you will be happy to know that now It has a really useful function. With it, saving your parking space will be very simple.

New Google Maps interface on Android Auto

This is what the new Google Maps interface looks like on Android Auto

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Navigate to your destination.
  2. When the message appears on the screen welcome to [destino] you will see the option appear Save parking.
  3. You can park calmly and, once you have parked, click on this option.

In most cases, this option will appear when you arrive at the place you have indicated in the GPS navigator. However, if you don’t see it or simply forget to add the parking space, you can also add it by tapping on the blue dot that locates you on the map, this time, from your mobile.

How to use Android Auto to know where you have parked your car

Manually save location to Google Maps

Once you tap on it, select the option Save parkingas shown in the image above.

And how do you find parking when you want to get back to the car? Although it is normal to try to park near the destination, sometimes you have to get away from the vehicle. If you are at a considerable distance and, above all, if you do not know the area, it may be difficult for you to locate the parking spot on the map.

Once you have found the location of your car on the map, you can click on How to get so that the application creates a route on foot or by public transport that takes you to the point where you parked.

Remember where you have parked with Waze and Android Auto

Another possibility you have when it comes to saving the place where you have parked is Waze. This application, much more focused on providing navigation directions when driving, has a automatic function to save parking.

The moment you disconnect your phone from the car and close Waze, this application considers that you have parked and, therefore, remember the point where you have parked. The best thing is that, when you drive again establishing another route, this point automatically disappears from the map.

How to use Android Auto to know where you have parked your car

Waze, in addition to automatically saving the location, allows you to add it manually

All this happens when you use Waze with Android Auto. However, if upon review you realize that the app did not save the parking spot correctly, you can also you have the possibility to set the location manually. As? You just have to follow these instructions:

  1. Long press on any area of ​​the map.
  2. In the pop-up message, tap on the three dots.
  3. Quickly, a car icon will appear on the map, in the exact place where you previously touched.
  4. You can tap this icon to send the location or to see other options.
  5. Among the options available are to preview the location or edit it. You can also remove it.

One detail that you should keep in mind regarding this feature is that Waze does not allow create walking routes to the parking area. The only thing you will be able to do is see the car icon on the map and, with this information, go to the vehicle. However, you will not have a detailed or optimized route, as Google Maps does offer.

Other apps to not forget where you have parked

These waze tricks and Google Maps They will make it easier for you to search for your vehicleespecially when you park in areas that you don’t know well or visit rarely. However, in the Play Store there are many other apps that will make it easier for you to register your vehicle’s parking space and return to it. Here are three proposals that are worth it.

find car

With Carfind you will never have to wander around aimlessly to find your car again. This Android application simplifies the life of those who travel by car remember the exact location of your vehicle. Whether you are in an unknown city or a place you don’t usually visit, this app can help you. With just a few taps, the app uses GPS and mobile networks to memorize the position of your car. When you need to locate it, the built-in browser will guide you directly to it. It is compatible with all Android versions above 4.0.

Download Carfind

Parking lot

ParKing is another interesting tool so you don’t forget where you have parked. A simple touch is enough to record your parking location on the mapmaking it easier to locate your vehicle later. Parking history gives you a tour of all your previous locations. On the other hand, automatic parking detection via Bluetooth further simplifies the process. Define custom zones, such as home or office, and set a time reminder to avoid fines. Even in indoor or underground parking lots, it allows you to add photos or notes without the need for GPS.


Android car parking locator

Car Android Parking Locator automatically saves the location of your vehicle using the advanced algorithm Android activity recognition. The last location is shown on both normal maps and satellite mapping. It also includes radar view that works even without an Internet connection and makes it easy to find your car in the parking lot, showing direction and distance. The application supports photo attachments so you can add information, especially if you park in an underground parking lot. There is no doubt that it is a truly complete option.

Download Android Parking Locator for Cars

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