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Huawei’s MateBook 14s looks inside for its 2022 refresh


What do you call the follow-up to last year’s mid-range version of the flagship laptop? We still haven’t quite figured that out, but Huawei knows how to make it. It’s 2022 MateBook 14s is a refreshed version of last year’s MateBook 14s – the laptop a step down from the flagship MateBook 14. While that’s all very confusing, this year’s 14s is anything but.

Housed in the same sleek aluminium chassis, Huawei’s MateBook 14s offers a portable but powerful machine. We look inside to find spec bumps galore, with a new Intel CPU and the latest version of Windows.

The 12th gen Intel Core i7 CPU packs a punch for everyday tasks and more intensive workloads. And with Windows 11, you get all the latest and greatest on the software front as well. For graphics, Huawei has re-used the same, but impressive, Intel Iris Xe GPU. And powering all of this might, you’ll find 16GB of RAM and a 60Wh battery.

On the front, you’ll find Huawei’s recognisable 3:2 display. It’s crystal clear with 2.5K resolution, and it boasts a 90% screen to body ratio. Though, the extra vertical space might take some getting used to. With high colour accuracy, a 90Hz refresh rate, and 400 nits of brightness, all your content will shine through this 14.2-inch display. Plus, you can opt for a touchscreen display for an extra productivity boost.

Huawei’s MateBook 14s looks inside for its 2022 refresh

As you’d expect from a 2022 laptop, Huawei has thrown all the trimmings on top of the 2022 MateBook 14S. There’s a fingerprint sensor, a backlit keyboard, a 720p webcam (that no longer points up your nose), Windows Hello face-unlock, and four speakers with stereo sound. On the new device, the brand also includes its Super Device ecosystem to easily connect with other Huawei gear, and Smart Conference with FollowCam – a competitor to Apple’s Center Stage.

Huawei’s mid-tier MacBook-look-a-like now comes packed with the latest features you’d expect. Last year’s 14s scored four stars out of five in our review, so we’d expect similar performance this time around. The 2022 MateBook 14s retails for £1300, and is available to order directly from Huawei now. It’ll be making its way to other retailers over the coming weeks.


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