Technology NewsHuge batteries may disappear from electric cars

Huge batteries may disappear from electric cars


With the appearance of the world’s first technology, the production of electric vehicles can be transformed.

The electric cars its appearance presented car manufacturers and design engineers with a serious task. In cars built along the more than a century-old tradition of internal combustion engine vehicles, the engine is typically placed in the front – with the exception of some rear-engined ones – but the electric drive works completely differently.

The electric motors of electric cars are much smaller units than the huge engine blocks, and the drive can be solved either as an axle or as a wheel. This freed up a lot of space in the former engine compartment, but another challenge had to be faced during production. A place had to be found for the batteries, which, moreover, could not be packed anywhere in the car, due to their size and especially their weight. It was made more difficult by the fact that in the case of versions that were not designed as purely electric cars, that is, based on previous models, the new parts had to be integrated into the body leaving the internal combustion engine and the related power transmission system in place.

In today's electric cars, the battery cells are often built into the floor (Photo:
In today’s electric cars, the battery cells are often built into the floor (Photo:

The situation was easier with the models already designed as an electric car, since the body could be designed in such a way that the battery pack and the different number and location of the electric motors were also considered. However, the automotive industry has now reached another milestone.

Last week, the Chinese company Neta Auto announced that they were the world’s first to develop battery cells that can be integrated into the body of the car – reports Green Car Reports. According to the information of the paper, it is called the Integrated Intelligent Chassis (CIIC). cell-to-chassis technology makes it possible to integrate all components of the battery pack organically into the body, without having to find a place for a separate battery pack.

The Chinese startup claims to be the first to develop similar technology. For the time being, Neta is only a developer of the method, there is no information yet on which car brand and model the CIIC battery will be included in first.

This solution would allow the battery and electric motors to be incorporated as desired during the design of the future car. This would create a modular architecture for electric cars, which could make the design and production processes much more flexible.

The integrated battery may appear in one of Vinfast's cars (Photo: Vinfast)
The integrated battery may appear in one of Vinfast’s cars (Photo: Vinfast)

Neta Auto has entered into a cooperation agreement with CATL, one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers. The CIIC-based battery may appear in Vinfast models for the first time. Thanks to the modular solution, cheaper electric cars can be created, the demand for which is increasing in developing countries.

One potential drawback of the technology is believed to be that the uniquely arranged cells could make it difficult to recycle the batteries. We already know that the electric car batteries are much more resistant to stressas previously expected, and CATL claims to be able to manufacture batteries that can be used for up to 16 years, potentially covering more than one and a half million kilometers, but from here the question is more how to make the cars themselves more durable, so that they can last for a period equal to the lifespan of the battery be able to function.

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