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Hungary’s first open-air digital warehouse is here

The investment reduced the preparation time for roof accessories by 50% and for roof tiles by 22%.

Wienerberger was the first in the world to build its latest warehouse management solution in Békéscsaba. The investment will revolutionize the company’s warehouse management processes, as a result of which all products can be digitally tracked even outside. In addition to being paperless and weatherproof, this significantly speeds up service and storage processes, minimizes the possibility of errors and reduces operating costs. The world’s largest brick and Europe’s leading ceramic roof tile manufacturer plans to introduce the system in other countries after the success of the pilot project.

The old methods still work reliably in the construction industry today, but customer needs have changed with the advent of digitalization. Customers want more and more accurate information about individual products and the amount of stock available. The new, complex end-to-end (E2E) warehouse management system launched in Békéscsabá this fall, which combines the SAP Warehouse Management module and Wienerberger Digital Stockyard development, is an exemplary step in the digital transformation of the company group. It enables the digitization of the entire process from production to customer service, from pallet identification to the personal check-in of carriers to delivery.

The results experienced in the first month already show a significant improvement: the picking of tiles became 22% faster, the preparation of non-ceramic accessories improved by 50%, the turnaround time was shortened by 10%, while the number of errors was significantly reduced. In addition, the training time for new people has been reduced from two months to two weeks, and it takes less than 14 days to check the cyclic stock of around 1,000 items in the entire 7-hectare warehouse instead of the previous several months.

“It is to the credit of the Hungarian management that this development has been realized and the operation so far clearly proves the success of the project. In other countries of the center, our work has also been observed with interest and several people have already indicated that they would like to build it elsewhere. This was an important pillar in the digitalization of the supply chain , so that the end-to-end process is completely transformed. I am proud of the team that the quality products were joined by a quality digital storage system,” said Gábor Csömöri, the national storage manager of Wienerberger Hungary.

The company is committed to being at the forefront of digitization in the construction industry as well. However, this pilot project is not only a milestone for the company, but it can show new directions for everyone in the construction industry who works with outdoor storage. It also has a great impact on customer service and improving customer satisfaction.

“The primary goal of the project is to increase customer satisfaction by introducing digital solutions, reduce the number of customer complaints and the amount of returned goods. The high accuracy and transparency provided by the system facilitates the traceability and control of stocks, with which we can serve the changed customer habits. development leads us towards a faster, more sustainable, more competitive supply chain,” said István Zsolt Nagy, head of marketing at Wienerberger Hungary.

After the success of the project, the company plans to expand the system to all of its sites in Hungary by 2025. Digitization is extremely important for the company group, and this development represents an essential step towards an excellent, long-term competitive supply chain.

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