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I can’t go to Vijay and beg!

Manickam Narayanan

Producer Manickam Narayanan: Story is important for a film. But the producer is also important for the success of that story. It is the producer who fixes everything necessary for a story with money. And after directing the film, it is the job of the producers to take it to the distributors.

Manickam Narayanan is one such producer. He has produced a limited number of films in Tamil. He made his debut as a producer in Tamil with the new movie Thenaral. After that he produced many films starring many leading actors like Vijay and Kamal.

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He is the producer of Kamal starrer Kamal. He has faced many problems through this film. He had said this in a recent interview.

And he is a little upset with Ajith too. Ajith’s mother complained that she had given him money for his father to go abroad and that when Ajith became a big actor, he would pay off the debt by acting in a film.

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Whatever he says about Ajith, he has a lot of respect for Vijay. He is the producer of Vijay’s film Manphumiku Nayaan. After this film, when an interviewer asked him why he didn’t make a film with Vijay, his answer was terrible.

Actors like Vijay should be talked to with money in hand. I don’t have that much money right now. Now I cannot go and beg him because I once produced his film. I will not beg from anyone. I have no need for it. And Vijay has a lot of respect for him. He said in a recent interview that I don’t want to spoil it.

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