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“I can’t walk, the people of the village are carrying me!” – Roadless mountain village youth achieves national record!|Nilgiri youth saravana won silver medal in khelo india para games

Saravanan shared about winning the second place at the national level in the weightlifting category, “I am the son of Vijayan-Anjala and I live in a hamlet called Kuntada in Aruvangadu area. Our village, which has more than 30 families, does not have a road facility or even a proper footpath. Even today, the villagers carry me as a disabled person for a distance of one and a half kilometers. The situation is the same whether it is going home from the city or going to work from home.However, I worked hard without giving up.

Thanks to Tamil Nadu Para Sports Association, Government of Tamil Nadu, co-workers and friends for all their support to participate in Gallo Para Games. My goal is to continue to participate in national and international competitions and win medals for India. We have been fighting for more than 20 years for road facilities. He demanded that the government should take steps to provide road facilities.

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