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I don’t know who is pregnant!.. He is showing a different belly..

Amala Paul got married for the second time after losing film opportunities. Amala Paul, who married Jagat Desai last November, is now pregnant.

He made his debut in the Malayalam film Neelathamara. In 2010, Veerasekaran, Indus Valley and Maina scored a hat-trick in Tamil in the same year.

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A.L. directed Madrasapatnam film. Amala Paul fell in love with Vijay. Amala Paul, who starred in Deivath Thirumal, starring Syan Vikram and Anushka, was also directed by A.L. The love between Vijay ended in marriage. AL cast Amala Paul opposite Vijay in Thalaiva. Vijay.

Amala Paul’s chances in the cinema have decreased after the film Awadis. Amala Paul, who dared to work for a large men’s team for days without wearing any clothes, was branded as no longer a family heroine, but started acting in Telugu web series, including Lust Stories.

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Amala Paul announced to her fans on New Year’s Day that she was pregnant after 2 months of marriage and has been posting baby bump photoshoots with her husband. The netizens are teasing who is pregnant after seeing Raj Desai with his shirt unbuttoned showing his belly.

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